Expect spectacular visuals from the movie Ghost of Tsushima

There has been a lot of talk about The Last of Us recently, and the series is barely over before there are speculations and rumors about a second season kicking in. But let’s not forget that Sony has several other movies and TV series based on other brands in the works. One of these is Ghost of Tsushima, directed by John Wick director Chad Stahelski.

In an interview with Discussing Films, he spoke about the project and his thoughts on its spectacular visual style:

“Ghost of Tsushima is a very interesting story if you really dig into the story of Shin Sakai and what the film is really about. You tie it to these amazing images. You can you already said by John I like the color, I like the composition. It’s really interesting to me to really try to get a visual that not only lives up to but exceeds the game. That’s what we’re working on it and working on it right now Like, how can you push the color palette?bring this world to life in a very realistic and grounded way?

What do you think are the chances of recreating the style of Ghost of Tsushima in a movie?