Experience the True World of Darkness with Floris Darkness: A Game of Sound and Imagination

Explore the True World of Darkness with Floris Darkness

Step into a world where information cannot be obtained through sight. Floris Darkness offers an immersive gaming experience that challenges players to navigate a treacherous labyrinth using only their sense of sound in complete darkness. This unique game aims to provide the same experience for both visually impaired and non-visually impaired players, bridging the gap between different abilities.

Right from the start, Floris Darkness sets itself apart from traditional games. There is no game start button or installation screen to be found. Instead, players are guided through the installation process by voice commands, left in a state of complete darkness, unable to see anything.

A Game That Encourages You to Close Your Eyes

The maze in Floris Darkness resembles a chessboard, allowing players to move forward or backward one square at a time. The goal is simple – find a door hidden somewhere in space that leads to the next step. However, since visual information is not available, players must rely on their sonic radar provided at the beginning of the game.

The sonic radar helps players differentiate between open and closed spaces through sound. As the sound waves hit a wall, the notification sound stops, indicating a closed space. By extracting rough information from the remaining passage, players can navigate through the maze until the notification sound ceases entirely.

As the game progresses, Floris Darkness introduces various challenges and obstacles. Players encounter multiple paths, obstacles, monsters, blocked doors requiring keys, and more. Solving these puzzles becomes a step-by-step process based on the information obtained from sound waves. The game provides tools such as signal generators, swords to clear obstacles and defeat monsters, and keys to open locked doors, each with its unique sound echo.

For those seeking an extra challenge, Floris Darkness offers different difficulty levels. While normal mode provides friendly guidance for wall collisions and object acquisitions, players can opt for an unexplained mode to enhance the game’s difficulty and immersion, allowing them to navigate the maze independently.

Immerse Yourself in the Sounds of Korean or English Voices

What sets Floris Darkness apart is its ability to stimulate the user’s imagination. As players rely solely on sound to grasp information and visualize the maze, vivid backgrounds and the image of their character navigating the path form in their minds, despite the absence of visual cues.

Simultaneously, the game creates an atmosphere of fear with the sound of wind blowing through, an eerie sense of uncertainty, and the threat of monsters that can reset your progress at any moment. These elements keep players on their toes and heighten the fear of the unknown.

Currently available with a range of gimmicks, Floris Darkness promises even more exciting additions in the future. Players can look forward to a shield to block activated traps, roaming monsters in the maze, and sound-sensitive monsters that chase players, increasing the difficulty level of the missions. With over 100 stages in total, players can currently enjoy around 30 stages.

Experience the Power of Darkness with Floris Darkness

Floris Darkness invites players, both visually impaired and sighted, into a world that blocks out the natural information they receive in daily life. The darkness, the inability to see what lies ahead, and the reliance on sound create an immersive and challenging experience. With Floris Darkness, players can overcome difficulties and fears, gaining insight into the lives of those who navigate through darkness on a daily basis.

When you close your eyes, you truly start to see. Floris Darkness offers comfort and a unique perspective to those who dare to conquer the fears and uncertainties that accompany life in the dark.

▲ Floris Darkness start screen, you can meet the true world of darkness

There is no information that can be obtained by sight. You have to go through a labyrinth full of dangers with only the sounds you hear in your ears.

Floris Darkness is a functional game that depicts the process of escaping a maze by relying only on sound in total darkness with no light. Therefore, it is not a difference between the public and the disabled, but the same experience is provided by dividing the visually impaired from the non-visually impaired.

The game looks very different from the current games from the title screen. You can’t find the game start button or the separate installation screen, and if you end up installing according to the voice guidance while looking at the black screen and adjusting the steps, you’re left in a mess where nothing can be seen.

▲ A game that recommends closing your eyes

The maze can advance or retreat one square, like a chessboard, and has a simple rule to find a door that exists somewhere in space and leads to the next step. However, since you cannot get any information with your eyes, you must find your way by analyzing the sound in front of you with the sonic radar given from the beginning.

The sonic radar distinguishes between open and closed space in front of it by sound. The notification sound of the sound wave stops when it hits the wall, and since it makes a different sound from the open space, you need to extract rough information from the passage in your head until the notification sound comes discontinued after use.

The early stage is just a level of finding a way in a straight line, but as the stage progresses, more and more gimmicks are added. Gimmicks increase the level of difficulty by appearing from simple roads that diverge in multiple directions, to obstacles, monsters, or roads between them, to blocked doors that only open when a key is found.

More and more gimmicks can be solved step by step based on sound wave information. Sound waves have different echoes for each situation, a signal generator that produces continuous notification sounds in place, a sword that can clear obstacles and defeat monsters, and a key that can open a locked door.

You can also increase the difficulty here to make the game more difficult. In the case of normal mode, friendly guidance is given whenever you hit a wall or acquire an object, but if you want a more difficult maze and immersion, you can choose an unexplained mode and innovate the situation yourself.

▲ You can play along with Korean or English voices.

The most unique thing about the game is that it uses the user’s imagination as part of the graphics. When you grasp information based on sound and conceive the information of the maze, the background of the maze and the image of the character passing through the path come to your mind before you know it, although that there is no information in your field of vision.

At the same time, fear of unknown origin also strikes, the sound of wind blowing through the piece, the uncertainty that seems to hover in place, and the cry of a monster that seems to reset progress by launching an attack on any time You can feel the fear.

The Floris Darkness gimmick, which is currently being released, is part of various gimmicks that will be added soon. There is a shield that blocks activated traps, a monster that roams the maze, and a monster that responds to the sound and chases him appears, making it more difficult to complete the mission. There are more than 100 stages in total, and you can play about 30 stages so far.

▲ The only visual information you can see when you play the game to the end

Floris Darkness blocks information that is naturally received in daily life and invites the blind and others into the same environment. The darkness, where you cannot see an inch in front of you, creates difficulties in finding your way by relying on sound, fear as if you are hovering in place, and fear as if something is about to pop out .

When you close your eyes, you only see things. Floris Darkness is comfort enough for someone who overcomes difficulties and fears and lives in the dark as a daily life.

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