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Experts warn global warming could affect global GDP.

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August 24, 2021


Experts warn global warming could affect global GDP. Won the Northern Hemisphere to speed up the solution

Mr. Jerome Hegeli, Leader of the Swiss Re Economist Team Notice that The global economy may experience a severe slowdown. especially in poor countries If there is no global cooperation in solving global warming

Mr Hegeli released the results of his team’s analysis, saying that if global temperatures continue to rise as they are today, The world‘s gross domestic product (GDP) could fall by 10% by 2048, with the Southern Hemisphere affected more than the Northern Hemisphere.

Mr Hegeli stated that Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia and the Philippines are They are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. and could lose 46% of GDP by the end of the century. If the temperature rises 3 degrees Celsius compared to the year 1800 because these countries have a large population living along the coast and located in the tropics. Therefore, it has to face the severe effects of temperature rise.

However, Mr Hegeli said Countries in the Northern Hemisphere, which will be less affected There should be actions in various fields. more to solve this problem.

The world is now facing emergency alarms. by the United Nations Climate Committee The United Nations warned on Aug. 9 that global temperatures could rise 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2040.


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