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Sony Interactive Entertainment (hereinafter, SIE) will integrate the subscription service PlayStation Plus with PlayStation Now from May 24, and will make a major renewal and start anew. The service start date in Japan is June 2nd. There are three levels of services available, and the services and prices available for each subscription plan are different.

Information on these new services is published on the PS Blog, but some people may not fully understand it. Therefore, in this article, I would like to summarize the contents of the new service in an easy-to-understand manner.

The above table shows the service contents for each plan provided by PlayStation Plus after the renewal. There are three types of plans: “PlayStation Plus Essential,” which is positioned as the basic plan, “PlayStation Plus Extra,” which is the higher-level plan, and “PlayStation Plus Premium,” which is the highest-level plan. As you can see from the table above, the upper plan includes all the services provided by the lower plan. In the following, I will explain the service contents and precautions for each plan.

basic plan”PlayStation Plus Essential “

PlayStation Plus Essential, which is positioned as a basic plan, can use the same services as the current PlayStation Plus. The available services are as follows.

Free play: A service that allows you to download and play 2 titles whose lineup is updated on the first Tuesday of every month. If you stop using the service, you will not be able to play, but if you add it to your PS Store library, you can re-download and play after re-subscribing to the service.

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Subscriber-only discount: A service that allows you to purchase various contents on the PS Store at a discounted price limited to service subscribers.

Online multiplayer: A service where you can enjoy online battles and cooperative play with players from all over the world. When performing online multiplayer in each game, subscription to the service is required except for some titles.

Saved data storage function: A service that allows you to back up game save data to cloud storage via the Internet.

PlayStation Plus Collection: A service that allows you to play 19 selected titles that symbolize the PS4 generation on PS5 (PS5 users only)

The subscription fee for the basic plan is 850 yen for 1 month, 2150 yen for 3 months, and 5143 yen for 12 months. It’s the same price as the current PS Plus. As for free play, it plans to offer two titles every month in the future. In the past, there were many opportunities to offer 3 or more titles, so users who are looking for free play may want to consider subscribing to the higher-level plan described later.

Higher plan “PlayStation Plus extra”

In addition to the basic plan service, PlayStation Plus Extra, which is a higher-level plan, will receive a new service that allows you to download and play games for PS4 / PS5 that are lined up in the game catalog. PlayStation Studios titles and titles of each software maker are lined up in the lineup of hundreds, and the lineup is updated in the middle of every month. A new title will be added.

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The subscription fee for the upper plan is 1300 yen for 1 month, 3600 yen for 3 months, and 8600 yen for 12 months. The difference from the basic plan is 450 yen for 1 month, 1450 yen for 3 months, and 3457 yen for 12 months. A part of the lineup was released the other day on the 16th, so it would be good to use it as a material for considering the transition to the upper plan (related article).

Top plan “PlayStation Plus premium

PlayStation Plus Premium, which is the top plan, offers three types of new services in addition to the services of the top plan. The contents of the new service are as follows.

PS1 / PS2 / PS4 / PSP Classics Catalog Play … A service that allows you to download and stream the PS1 / PS2 / PSP titles lined up in the Classics Catalog. For some titles, the frame rate has been improved and the image quality has been improved, and functions such as saving at any time and rewinding can also be used. Classic titles remastered on PS4 will also be added to the lineup.

Play PS3 title list … A service that allows you to play PS3 titles on the title list in streaming format.

Game trial: A service that allows you to try out the trial version of the main game for 2 hours (excluding some titles). Play time is counted only during the game. When purchasing a game, the trophies and save data obtained in the game trial will be carried over.

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The subscription fee is 1550 yen for 1 month, 4300 yen for 3 months, and 10250 yen for 12 months. The difference from the upper plan is 250 yen for 1 month, 700 yen for 3 months, and 1650 yen for 12 months. At the start of domestic services, PS4 and PS5 are compatible platforms for various streaming services. The use of the streaming service on the PC will be supported by an update at a later date. In addition, some of the offered titles may not support streaming play at the start of the service.

By the way, users who have subscribed to the current PS Plus will be automatically transferred to the new PS Plus plan. For users who subscribe only to PS Plus, PlayStation Plus Essential of the basic plan, and for users who subscribe to PS Now, the top plan, PlayStation Plus Premium, seems to be the migration destination. After the start of the new service, if users who are currently subscribed to PS Plus upgrade to a higher plan, they will have to pay the difference from the upgraded plan according to the remaining expiration date of PS Plus. For other details, please check the official page.

The new PlayStation Plus, which will undergo a major renewal, is scheduled to start service in Japan from June 2.


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