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Explode an asteroid in close range before hitting the Earth like a movie “Armageddon” is actually possible – BBC News Thai

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image source, NASA / JPL-CALTECH

Astrophysicists have previously criticized the Hollywood blockbuster. “Armageddon” (Armageddon) that drilling for nuclear bombs to destroy asteroids that are close to hitting Earth is full. Certainly not possible Due to the limitations on the strength of the asteroid time condition and the inability to control the space debris generated by the explosion.

However, the latest research from the US Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is to be published in the November issue of Acta Astronautica. Instead, it was pointed out that we could use asteroid explosions in close quarters near Earth as “The last way” to protect humanity and all life on Earth to survive. If a dangerous asteroid is not very large

The results of computer modeling showed that How to avoid such a cataclysm It is “extremely effective” at destroying a small asteroid that is in a trajectory that will hit Earth within a year.

Professor Patrick King from Johns Hopkins University, USA. LLNL’s research team leader said: “Building a model to assess the likelihood of an asteroid explosion is very important. It’s harder than building a model to calculate the likelihood of a crash. in order for the asteroid to deviate further from the Earth.”

“In the event of an explosion We also had to model the trajectory of the fragments produced by the explosion. This is to ensure that there are no Earth-threatening space rocks left,” explains Prof. King.

A gray meteor shot towards Earth.

image source, Getty Images

Prof. King’s research team created a new computer model. That can calculate the possibility of destroying an asteroid 100 meters wide, which is equal to a space rock about one-fifth the size of the famous asteroid Bennu. It will use a nuclear weapon with a 1 megaton explosion to hit the asteroid in the period from 1 week to 6 months before it crashes into Earth.

The results of the calculations using the aforementioned model revealed that There is a high probability of destroying small asteroids. to be broken down into rubble that weighs only 0.1% of the original mass. If the fire can be destroyed in the 2 months before the actual collision. These fragments are harmless when they enter the Earth’s atmosphere.

If the target asteroid gets a little bigger It still has a chance of breaking down into rubble that weighs only 1% of the original mass. If nuclear weapons can be fired at targets in the six months before the collision with Earth.

The research team also used a special software called Spheral to determine the direction of space debris. which was caused by an explosion until the asteroid shattered into pieces as well to know that every piece of rock Which is acted on by gravity and other forces will have a trajectory directed in any direction?

Although it is possible to create a model that is computationally accurate. But the researchers pointed out that the approach to saving the planet is as close as in the Armageddon film. It should only be used as a last resort if other long-term solutions have not worked. because if an error occurs Dangerous fragments of blasting rocks will instantly rush into the world at multiple locations.

NASA and Italian spacecraft mockup.  While preparing to crash into an asteroid that is dangerous to Earth.

image source, NASA


NASA and Italian spacecraft mockup. While preparing to crash into an asteroid that is dangerous to Earth.

Prof. King emphasized that The best way to fend off asteroids of all sizes. Still include the use of other vehicles or other mechanical equipment to crash into an asteroid. to deviate from the world This should be accomplished early on in the years or decades before the world is destroyed.

Recently, NASA announced that It is preparing to launch two spacecraft on the DART mission to try to deflect the direction of an asteroid satellite object on Nov. 23, with the orbiting space rock “Dimorphos”. Around the asteroid Didymos is a target, both of which are classified as Near-Earth Objects (NEO), capable of approaching closer than 48 million kilometers.

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