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Original title: Discussing the high quality development path of film and television centers Golden Rooster Foundation Forum Film Forum Held

Photo courtesy of the organizer of the Golden Rooster Film Forum Foundation Forum, Xiamen, November 17. The 35th Golden Rooster Film Festival and Hundred Flowers China Golden Rooster Film Forum and Foundation Forum were held in Xiamen a few days ago The theme of this forum is “Standard Building and Industrial Empowerment”. It aims to explore the high-quality development path of film and television centers, promote film foundations to play a greater role, and help build a powerful country.

The film base (park) is the cornerstone of film industrialization, the main indicator of the high-quality development of Chinese films, and is an important part of realizing the long-term goal of building a powerful cultural country in 2035.

Zhang Pimin, Chairman of the China Film Foundation, Yin Li, Vice Chairman of the China Film Association, Chairman of the Film and Television Foundation Executive Committee of the China Film Association, Yang Buting, former Deputy Director of the Film Bureau of the State Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, and former -Chairman of China Film Group Corporation, China Film Directors Association Director and director Li Shaohong, president of China Film Academy, professor of Beijing Film Academy and artist Huo Tingxiao, president of China Association of Film and Television Photographers and professor of Beijing Film Academy attended Mu Deyuan and other forum guests.

This forum includes a statement of report and two round table forums. Yan Xing, vice president of Huawei industry development, deputy secretary general of the World Ultra HD Video Industry Alliance, and a member of the Science and Technology Committee of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, released the 2022 Research Report on the Development of the Empowered Film Industry by Technology”, sharing the technological progress in the field of information and communication, and giving a speech. The path for the integration of culture and technology to support the development of film is envisaged.

The theme of the first session of the roundtable forum was “Managing a high-quality and high-standard innovation base”, and Zhi Feina, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Arts, served as the academic host. Huo Tingxiao, Ma Ping, Deputy General Manager of China Film Film Digital Production Base Co., Ltd., Chen Jianyu, Vice Chairman of Xiangshan County Political Consultative Conference, Party Group Secretary of the Ningbo Film and Television Cultural Industry Zone Management Committee, Sun Hengqin, President of Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis Industry Holding Group Co., Ltd., Co-Founder of Huayi Brothers Media, Vice Chairman and CEO Wang Zhonglei and other experts sitting around with industry representatives, based on standard construction and looking forward to “digital assets”, discusses the foundation’s development under the epidemic situation, and looks forward to the overall goal of building an innovation strategy, improving efficiency and developing the independent foundation of a strong country.

Chen Jianyu believes that providing high-quality scenery, general services, and intelligent management is in line with the goal of building a strong country, fully reducing the cost of manpower and material resources of the crew, and improving the operational efficiency of the crew. is the experience of Xiangshan Film and Television City in successfully responding to the challenge of the epidemic.

Wang Zhonglei started from the creation of Huayi film and the cooperative relationship between different centers, taking “Youth” and “Eight Hundred” and other films and the operating experience of Huayi 16 IP-based film town as examples, pointing out that talents late of the Chinese foundation The world is already in the leading position, and it is intended to make full use of digital assets to empower the development of high quality in terms of filmmaking.

Based on the efficient operation experience of China Film Foundation since the epidemic, Ma Ping took the first LED virtual shooting film “Mrs. Anguo” completed by China’s independent technology as an example, reviewed the research and development process of LED virtual shooting technology in the six past years, and looking forward to the development of Chinese film technology.

Sun Hengqin, through the filming history and service experience of “Lonely Moon”, “Wandering Earth” and “Returning Thousand Miles” in Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, believes that the development of the foundation should pay attention to diversification operations on the one hand, and maintain general industrial upgrading on the other hand, and continue to explore advanced technology and international standards can fully implement the basic responsibility of building a strong country and lead the industrialization of typical Chinese films in the new era.

Combining decades of experience and specific shooting cases, Huo Tingxiao believes that film production has entered a “great art period” An artist’s work includes pre-preview, actual shooting and post-production, which needs to be completed by a large number of film and television centres. He also introduced new requirements for the digitization of the centre.

The theme of the second session of the roundtable forum was “Stimulating the Vitality of Mass Innovation and Empowering Excellent Work”, and Liu Fan, a researcher at the National Academy of Arts of China, served as the academic host. Li Shaohong, Mu Deyuan, film art director, stylist, concept director Li Miao, chairman of Hengdian Film and Television Crew Service Co., Ltd., chairman of Hengdian Film and Television Industry Experimental Zone Film and Television Service Company, Secretary General Focused Film Industry Association and Hengdian Television Huang Leiguang, Jiangsu Provincial Film Shi Juan, vice chairman of the Artists Association and director of Wuxi National Digital Film Industry Park, and other guests, on how the film and television foundation can help artists create better works, and how the artists can continuously introduce new requirements to promote the foundation to improve the level of hardware construction and quality of service.

Photo provided by organizer Li Shaohong

Based on the creative process, Li Shaohong presented valuable opinions on the development of professional support services, high-end productive services, participation in investment, and the exploration and application of new technology of the film and television base; Based on the support of the director’s creation committee foundation, Mu Deyuan proposed specific measures for the film and television foundation in recent years in terms of empowering technology, empowering services, and improving creation efficiency and production efficiency; Huang Leiguang mainly learned from the foundation of film and television shooting. develop and grow, talk about the experience of producing and creating film in the domestic market, successful cases and lessons from the international market, and how to promote the domestic and foreign double cycle of producing and creating film and television in the next step; Shi Juan talks about how to stimulate the innovation and creativity of film culture, Increase technological empowerment and large-scale investment in the film and television industry, and strive to build the largest film and television industry cluster in the country.

This time the participants proposed two brand new concepts of creation and production: one is that film art is upgraded to “great art”, and the other is that film becomes the asymptote of human imagination. They are considered the theoretical basis for the next work of the Chinese film foundation. (finish)Return to Sohu to see more


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