Exploring the Artistic Connection: Ultrasuede® Showroom Unveils a Romantic Space Inspired by Nature

Exploring the Artistic Connection Between Ultrasuede® and Nature

Immerse yourself in a romantic and poetic space filled with artistic inspiration and a deep connection to nature. The Ultrasuede® 24AW series brings together the worlds of art, design, and the humanities, showcasing the beauty and versatility of flower art.

Since its establishment in 1970, Ultrasuede® has been at the forefront of exploring the limitless possibilities of beauty. Known for its soft and delicate texture and high-quality craftsmanship, Ultrasuede® has gained global recognition as a functional material that enhances the customer experience. Moreover, Ultrasuede® unlocks endless design opportunities across various industries, allowing for boundless creativity.

The Shanghai Ultrasuede® Showroom, designed by the talented Lin Yuxian Design Office, seamlessly blends art and fashion, capturing the essence of Ultrasuede®’s sustainable philosophy. With a focus on extracting natural plant materials, the showroom exudes a serene and eco-friendly ambiance, serving as both a showcase and a source of inspiration for creative exploration.

The showroom features three captivating functional areas: a fashionable living space, an automotive material exhibit, and a business negotiation zone. The stylish living area presents a multitude of color cards and a stunning display of various materials. The clever use of hangers accentuates the intricate details of the curved surfaces, creating a harmonious interplay between the interior and exterior. The automotive material area encompasses a curved dome design, embracing unconventional shapes and technology-infused aesthetics. Through the clever interplay of lighting and materials, the space exudes a natural and fluid aesthetic.

The Ultrasuede® showroom exemplifies the brand’s unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of materials and pursuing unparalleled aesthetics. Visitors are invited to immerse themselves in the embrace of nature and the vibrant green atmosphere, fostering a sense of curiosity and innovation.

The inaugural event at the Shanghai Ultrasuede® Showroom offered distinguished guests, including media, designers, brand partners, and scholars, a unique and romantic artistic experience. Guests had the opportunity to engage in hands-on DIY activities, allowing them to intimately explore the boundless possibilities of materials. Miki Umezawa, the head of Ultrasuede® China Business Unit, shared insights into the inspiration, concepts, and future prospects of Ultrasuede® and the showroom.

About Ultrasuede®

Ultrasuede® is a premium Japanese material renowned worldwide for its functional qualities and continuous technological innovation. Since its introduction in 1970, it has been embraced not only in fashion and home interiors but also in industries such as automotive, aviation, and smart wearable devices. As Toray’s flagship brand, Ultrasuede® embodies the pride and love of everyone involved in its creation.

Toray is dedicated to reducing environmental impact through initiatives such as polymer recycling and the use of plant-based materials. Through industry-university collaborations and responsible manufacturing practices, Toray strives to contribute to a sustainable society and enhance the quality of human life.

About Toray Co., Ltd.

Established in 1926, Toray Co., Ltd. is a globally recognized chemical enterprise. With core technologies in organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, biotechnology, and nanotechnology, Toray continues to innovate and create value. Presently, Toray operates in 29 countries and regions, with a comprehensive portfolio spanning fibers, functional chemicals, carbon fiber composites, life sciences, and environmental engineering.

Toray firmly believes that materials have the power to transform lives and is dedicated to contributing to the realization of a vibrant and prosperous society.

With an art and nature theme, flower art is used to create a romantic and poetic space full of artistic sense, showing the inspiration in the Ultrasuede® 24AW series and the connection between Ultrasuede® and nature, art, design and the humanities.

Since 1970, Ultrasuede® has been exploring all the possibilities of beauty. With its soft and delicate texture and high-end quality, Ultrasuede® seems to have won the world’s trust as a functional material that can enhance customer experience. In addition, Ultrasuede® gives customers more imagination space for design in different areas with the infinite possibilities of its own materials. The opening event of the Shanghai Ultrasuede® Showroom led everyone to explore Toray’s cutting-edge materials innovation and the breakthrough in the Ultrasuede®24AW series.

Lin Yuxian Design Office skilfully combines art and fashion by exploring material and elemental forms to create the amazing Shanghai Ultrasuede® Showroom. This showroom is inspired by the brand’s sustainable concept of extracting plant material, presenting a natural and comfortable feeling full of green tones. It is not only a showroom, but also a hub for inspiration and creative exploration.

In this space design, three fascinating functional areas are displayed: a fashion life area, an automotive material area and a business negotiation area. The stylish living area showcases the unique color cards of each series and a background wall of various materials. In the design, hangers are cleverly used to outline the details of the inner curved surface, which enhances the subtle fuzzy feeling between the outside and inside. The curved dome in the automotive material area shows the acceptance of special shape designs and a material display space that is full of technological atmosphere. Through the combination of lighting and materials, it presents a natural and flowing aesthetic feeling.

The Ultrasuede® showroom leads the field of materials to consistently break through and pursue a higher level of aesthetics. In this space, people feel the comfort of nature, are infected by the green atmosphere, and are more willing to explore and innovate.

This inaugural event provides media, designers, brand partners, scholars and other distinguished guests with a natural and summery romantic artistic atmosphere to experience all the beauty possibilities of Ultrasuede®. Handmade DIY activities were prepared for the invited guests, allowing everyone to experience the endless possibilities of materials up close. Mr. presented Miki Umezawa, head of Ultrasuede® China Business Unit, further the inspiration and concept of Ultrasuede® and the future prospects for the Shanghai Ultrasuede® Showroom.

About Ultrasuede®

Ultrasuede® is a premium Japanese quality material, trusted around the world as a functional material that improves customer user experience through continuous technological innovation.

Since its debut in 1970, it has been used not only in fashion clothing and home interiors, but also in automobiles, aircraft interiors, and casings and accessories for smart phones and smart wearables.

Ultrasuede® is Toray’s representative brand, and everyone involved in this material has pride and love for Ultrasuede®.

In addition, with the introduction of polymer recycling technology, polymer conversion using plant materials, etc. to reduce environmental loads, and actively carry out social activities such as industry-university cooperation, and contribute to the better life of human beings through manufacturing responsible products contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

Ultrasuede® is a constantly evolving material that faces the “beautiful possibilities” of the future.

About CUT

Established in 1926, Toray Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned comprehensive chemical enterprise. Based on the three core technologies of organic synthetic chemistry, polymer chemistry, and biotechnology and integrated with nanotechnology, we will continue to innovate and create (Innovation) through the power of chemistry. Today (as of March 31, 2022), Toray has 290 affiliates in 29 countries and regions worldwide, developing fibers, functional chemicals, carbon fiber composites, life sciences, the environment and related engineering fields.

Toray strongly believes that “materials have the power to change lives” and continues to contribute to the realization of a rich and colorful society.

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