Explosion on the deck of the Italian aircraft carrier “Kabul”!Full Cooperation of the Navy CM Motorcycle Finally Landed in Japan “V100 Mandello” | Equestrian News

Too stylish…

A CM video that is too cool becomes a hot topic

Piaggio Group Japan has announced that it will ship the new Moto Guzzi models “V100 Mandello S” and “V100 Mandello”, the first motorcycles on the market to adopt adaptive aerodynamics, from June 2023.

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V100 Mandello (Image: Piaggio Group).

Adaptive aerodynamics automatically adjusts the height of the deflectors on either side of the fuel tank according to speed and riding mode selected, improving vehicle performance. It is said to be the first introduction as a two-wheeled vehicle.

The V100 Mandello is also known for its stylish commercial video in which the Italian Navy fully collaborated. In September 2022, the V100 Mandello Aviazione Navarre, a special use vehicle of the same vehicle inspired by the F-35B fighter, will be on the Italian Navy aircraft carrier Kabul, although it has not yet been released. the flight deck of”.

Bookings for the “V100 Mandello S” and “V100 Mandello” in Japan have begun on February 6, 2023 at official Moto Guzzi dealers nationwide.


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