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Exports in September through the Covid-19 crisis grew 17.1%, growing for 7 months in a row.

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Exports in Sep. 64, valued at 23,036 million US dollars, an increase of 17.1%, growing for 7 consecutive months, totaling 9 months worth 199,997.7 million US dollars, an increase of 15.5%, revealing agricultural products. agricultural industry and the industry continued to expand The market is growing equally strong.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Jurin Laksanawisit revealed that September exports were valued at $23,036 million, an increase of 17.1%, the seventh straight month since March. 2021, imports were valued at $22,426.2 million, an increase of 30.3%, with a trade surplus of $609.8 million. And total exports for 9 months of 2021 (Jan.-Sept.) were valued at 199,997.7 million US dollars, an increase of 15.5%. Total imports were valued at 197.980.9 million US dollars, an increase of 30.9%, with a trade surplus of 2,016.8 million US dollars.

Factors causing exports in September 2021 to increase 17.1% despite the COVID-19 situation affecting the manufacturing and logistics sectors during the lockdown This is because of the export promotion plan in the second half of the year that 130 activities have been achieved. There is collaboration between the Ministry of Commerce, the private sector and other government agencies in opening new markets such as the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and solving export problems such as container shortages. Solving the problem of exports through borders to Vietnam and to China and has accelerated the opening of the border checkpoint successfully

There are also supporting factors from the trend of better global trade. The World Trade Organization (WTO) is expected to increase from 8% to 10.8%. As a result, Thai products can compete better. oil price increase with a negative angle, causing higher import costs But it has a positive effect on products related to oil. and important factors The potential of the Thai private sector is strong. The manufacturing sector recovered quickly. Despite the lockdown and covid-19

Mr. Jurin said Details of exports in September 2021 showed that exports of agricultural commodities rose 12.9 percent, with key goods expanding, such as rubber, up 83.6% for 12 consecutive months. and positive in all markets such as China, Malaysia, the United States, Japan, South Korea, etc. Fresh longan, up 73.8%, positive in all markets for 4 consecutive months, including China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Hong Kong, fresh mangoes, up 55.9%, plus in Korea, Malaysia, Japan and Myanmar, cassava increases 44.4% plus in multiple markets Many people understand that cassava depends mainly on the Chinese market. But there are other markets such as Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia and Korea, etc.

As for industrial products, an increase of 11.3%, major products exported, such as canned and processed fruit, increased by 29.3%, especially canned pineapple, increased 118.3%, canned mixed fruit by 100.6%, and canned mango, increased by 60.7%, pet food. which has always been a hero in the past several months, increasing 23.6% to a positive 25 months in a row both in the US market, Malaysia, Australia, Italy, Philippines, etc.

Meanwhile, industrial products increased 15.8%. Goods that expanded well were oil-related products, up 61%, steel and steel products, increased by 38.8%, machinery and components, up 32.8%, automobiles, equipment and components, up 4.9%, up 11 months in a row.

on the export market Major markets increased 18.1%, with the US increasing 20.2%, China increasing 23.3%, Japan increasing 13.2%, ASEAN (5 countries) increasing 25.7%, CLMV increasing 8.2%, and the European Union (27 countries) increasing 12.6, secondary markets increasing 21.8%, with South Asia increasing 69.0%. Australia, an increase of 3.0%, the Middle East, an increase of 17.4%, Africa, an increase of 30.2%, Latin America, an increase of 10.1%, and Russia and the CIS countries, an increase of 42.5 and other markets, a contraction of 65.5%, many of which are new markets that are targeted The Ministry of Commerce had a meeting together and saw that it was necessary to accelerate exports. and do well until exports are better


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