express! BMA reveals 5 more COVID connections to Bael DJ

express! BMA reveals 5 more COVID connections to Bael DJ

From the case that DJ Bael declared COVID-19 infection And received treatment already

Latest on 22 Jan 64 Lt. Gen. Sophon Phisuthiwong Deputy Governor of Bangkok As the director of the Center for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), Bangkok (BMA), revealed after chairing the 13th BMA meeting / 2564 at the Bangkok City Hall (Sao Ching Cha) part one that follows from Bangkok With the approval of the Bangkok Communicable Disease Committee Bangkok announced the temporary closure of locations (No. 17), allowing the opening of 13 types of establishments from January 22, 2021 onwards. Which has a municipal office as the secretary of the working group Coordinate related agencies such as the office area Metropolitan Police Headquarters (Ngor.) ISOC, etc., strict inspections of establishments, businesses, activities that have been relaxed to be able to open a business To provide advice to follow measures, preventive measures As required by the government to prevent the spread of COVID-19 Attach to the announcement of Bangkok on the temporary closure of the premises (No. 17) as mentioned

Lt. Col. Sophon said he had givenThe health bureau proactively searches for COVID-19 (ACTIVE CASE FINDING / Sentinel Surveillance) by means of salivary screening. In business establishments, especially factories with foreign workers in the target areas, the first group is Bang Khun Thian, Nong Khaem, Bang Bon, Bang Khae and Chom Thong Including requesting the district office and relevant departments Expedite public relations for people traveling to vulnerable areas Self-screening through the BKKCovid-19 system of Bangkok, requesting that self-screening through the system regularly, every day until 14 days have passed since the date of visiting the vulnerable area.

“For today There were 13 new cases in the Bangkok area, five of whom were new cases from proactive screening in the community and 8 from surveillance and service systems. Infected with COVID-19 on January 9, 2021. The health bureau and relevant agencies have investigated disease and swaps (SWAB) of all high-risk people. The results showed five additional cases of infection and the staff had fully monitored the high-risk and low-risk cases. It is expected that the DJ Quince cases will not cause a wide spread or super spreader. Therefore, people do not panic or worry about the current events, ”Lt. Col. Sophon said.

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