express feelings After coming back to play Pangya, one of the famous online games during the 18th anniversary after being away from golf for more than 10 full years.

Saturday, March 25, 2023, 21:25:06 seconds, Indochina time

according to when February 22, 2023 one of the games Online A famous name in a pair of Thai people joining more than 18 year like Pangya Came out with an activity called Pangya Reunion to celebrate for the above with a life expectancy of more than 18 a full year with activities to give away many prizes such as

  • Caddy
  • various rings
  • Wings barely reduce wind
  • rare diverse forests

see so making teenagers Gene Y a Gen Z Many people decide to return to the world of Pangya to recover from the mind, the author himself is one of the people who are attracted by items from these old games. So decided to come back and play the game again After disappearing from the golf industry to join more than 10 A full year, so today the author will come out to present the changes from the original game. Pangya together with the different atmospheres obtained, which will have something to wait and follow

1. Large number of traders/traders

because of the game Pangya opened to more than 18 years and currently only Thai surfing still exists causing the current game to stop updating But the game will be re-run various events throughout the year. As a result, players with high playing abilities can earn a lot of money from playing until the market floods and causes many grandchildren to decide to sell in-game money openly. Of course, doing this is against the rules of the game very much. But players seem to have unique techniques. As a result, the team can check slowly, or some people may be neglected because it is one of the colors of the game, it is also possible.

Clean money and dirty money are mixed.

2. Inflation causes the price of goods in the market to increase.

It is considered as one of the marketing mechanisms. When a large number of players can earn a lot of money within the game Increasing product prices in line with the current economy is a good thing to do. Currently, Pangya game is currently able to set the highest product price in 20,000,000 Bang, but if selling items in bulk, it will get the highest 100,000,000 bang by products that are usually sold, the price will vary from

  • Various stat boosting cards
  • Pangya Hit Gauge Expansion Card
  • Rare items from the black bags of the past.


Things are so expensive that ordinary people cannot reach them.

3. Lively talk

because of the game Pangya It will be a golf game that makes it easy to play while playing. Everyone can say hello/chat/chat on various topics without much obligation. Including the game also has Chat Room which allows players to enter the room to sell items and talk freely causing some people to forget how to play golf and then turning into a full-fledged chat player is also possible


lively talk Even if it’s time to strike 5

4. Massive Hacking Case

One of the problems with old games that have been away from updates for a long time. As a result, many people do not wish to release the program. Hack various for “some” players to use in order to earn bang and sell them to other players Which is considered one of the ways to exploit other players in the most extreme way, expecting developers to come out and fix the system, it would be difficult. Because the current game has already stopped its development.



Talented players who can make bang money just rocking

It is considered one of the feelings I miss a lot. and quite new Currently, the author still has some regular visits to hit. Including participating in various activities often Finally, we have to wait and see if the legendary online game like Pangya How long will you stay with the gaming industry? We have to wait and see.