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[Express News]United Daily News e-commerce closes! UDN buys a lot of layoffs and terminates services-INSIDE

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To dear consumers:

Since May, Taiwan has faced unprecedented challenges from the epidemic. We know that everyone works hard. Although they are eager to contact the outside world, they try to minimize the various connections in their lives. Because they trust PChome for 24h shopping, they will be responsible for maintaining life. The responsibility is entrusted to us. And PChome 24h shopping has always hoped to be the existence of everyone’s Everyday Reliable, especially at this time.

During the epidemic, the responsibility of contacting consumers and the outside world is shouldered. PChome 24h shopping includes pickers, shippers, logistics personnel, customer service, and marketing. However, when the Taiwan epidemic entered the third level of alert, many situations that had not been seen in the past suddenly struck. At this critical moment, for PChome 24h shopping, the brand’s corporate responsibility to the society and consumers’ sense of trust in the brand , Is our mission. Therefore, with limited resources and tight time, we announced the news that the goods could not be delivered within 24 hours as soon as possible, and made the following series of choices:

Consumers can buy with peace of mind, the products are constantly replenished and shipped from their own warehouses:

When the epidemic broke out last year, the rush to buy necessities was vivid. Therefore, we insisted on ensuring that consumers can buy the goods and ensure that the supply is safe. As a result, the number of orders has increased, and the number of times has never been increased. At the same time, in order to maintain consistent quality reliability and cargo safety, more than 9 items on the PChome 24h shopping station are picked from their own warehouses, and then shipped after quality control and disinfection. As a result, shipments can be compressed. PChome 24h shopping insists on allowing consumers to diversify their purchases according to their needs, and maintain the quality of life in the home epidemic prevention life, even if there are multiple products in a single order, in order to avoid multiple contacts and make it convenient and environmentally friendly for consumers to receive goods. For consideration, we try our best to ship the goods of the same order in the same box.

The PChome 24h shopping warehouse is strictly disinfected to ensure the safety of goods shipped. /Photo Credit: PChome 24h shopping

At the same time to protect employees and consumers, the first time to divert, all employees are covered by vaccine insurance, and logistics personnel are vaccinated:

PChome is a people-oriented company. We have been with you for more than 20 years. We regard every employee as a partner and every consumer as a family member. In response to the third level of alert, all office staff shifted to shifts. During the epidemic, whether it is in hot areas or around the hospital, we still maintain distribution. In the first time of the sudden increase in the epidemic, warehousing and distribution will be immediately divided into compartments, allowing logistics personnel to carry out non-transitional transportation according to the location, reducing exposure to infection Risk, to ensure the safety of goods and consumers, the kinetic energy of shipments is therefore limited. In May, we also helped all employees purchase vaccine insurance. So far, logistics personnel have also been vaccinated. For logistics personnel who have been vaccinated, identification badges are also provided on the chest to facilitate employees and consumers to confirm their identities. Also feel more at ease.

No more breaking promises, and transparent and rolling adjustment of progress:

During this period of time, we continued to adjust supporting measures in a rolling manner, and discussed on-site and APP system optimization for logistics status. We understand the anxiety caused by consumers’ waiting for the day and the destruction of their trust in 24 hours, and we cannot disappoint consumers. Therefore, PChome 24h shopping adheres to the system optimization test and the accuracy rate of the shipment notification, and it also needs to reach 95% before it can go online. Consumers are very concerned about shipping issues. We notify the number of days of shipment by email for orders in traffic jams, and arrange dedicated customer service lines to handle them. The transition period when orders are exploding, is the only e-commerce company to mark 5 million products on the website as “expected” Shipping Days” allows consumers to refer to the shipping instructions and expected shipping days on each product page before placing an order and choose according to their needs.

While making each of the above choices, we also know that no matter which path we choose, we must pay a certain price. Consumers’ expectations of PChome, let us continue to work hard to launch various functional optimization and expansion services:

Combining AI big data and automated warehousing and logistics, more than one million products are shipped 24 hours a day, and the new warehouse will also be opened next year:

In response to the immediate needs of consumers during the epidemic, we also immediately launched a virtual “PChome convenience store”, using AI big data to screen the daily necessities that consumers really need, and also allocated warehouses with surplus kinetic energy, activated an automated system, and introduced AGV unmanned transport Cars, to improve the efficiency of automatic picking, so that the goods in the convenience store area are expected to be shipped within one day, so that consumers can easily choose through the emergency purchase entrance, and one-stop shopping for what they need during the epidemic prevention period, and they can shop at home with peace of mind.

The PChome convenience store uses AI big data to screen the daily necessities that consumers really need, and is equipped with an automated warehouse to stably ship within one day. /Photo Credit: PChome 24h shopping

PChome 24h shopping has long-term cooperation with many logistics companies, and usually arranges capacity flexibly according to the type of shipment and time of day to meet customer needs. Facing the current stage of the epidemic, we will continue to adjust the service energy of warehousing, logistics and customer service on a rolling basis, and provide non-zoned and uninterrupted services for the whole Taiwan home delivery, including the hospital surroundings, and will continue to provide fixed-point delivery, which will become a boost to the epidemic prevention life. The 24-hour shipment of more than one million products has been resumed.

In the future, we will also provide consumers with more services. In addition to the automation of warehousing, the new A7 warehouse leased by PChome 24h shopping from Chunghwa Post will also be opened next year. As a cross-border e-commerce and logistics center, we hope to greatly increase warehousing capacity. Give consumers a faster and more stable experience, and also assist Taiwan’s small and medium-sized enterprises in digital transformation, and promote MIT’s high-quality products overseas.

Expand consumer services, assist in the digital transformation of the industry, and launch the fresh food and dessert section:

During the epidemic, PChome 24h shopping also saw the needs of consumers, and expanded its services from all aspects, such as launching a vaccine insurance area, and providing intimate Q&A lazy bags to solve consumers’ questions. In addition, I also saw the need for self-catering during my stay at home. The PChome fresh produce was launched. Fresh fruits and vegetables were delivered to Shuangbei the next day, providing one-stop shopping services for vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc.; in particular, it joined hands with the newly created brand “Nearby Fresh”. “Health”, launching a diversified fruit and vegetable item. At the same time, it brings together well-known brands such as Dacheng, Wanchai Wharf and Mashantang to jointly promote high-quality frozen food to meet the needs of various families. It also cooperates with the French World Bread Championship and the famous bakery brand Funsiamo Wuzi Jing cooperated with the launch of dessert products and home baking kits, allowing consumers to try their diverse interests at home, and by making delicious desserts, they can solve the depression at home.

PChome’s 24h shopping expansion service launches a fresh section, and fresh fruits and vegetables will be delivered the next day in Shuangbei. /Photo Credit: PChome 24h shopping

The impact of the epidemic has also gradually blurred the boundaries between online and offline. All walks of life need to find new ways to survive. Many well-known restaurants are also facing the test of transformation. PChome 24h shopping also cooperates with these well-loved physical stores. For example, the new product MUCHOYAKI of Godfather Steak, its famous American top rib-eye steak is available online, allowing consumers to enjoy food at home, not only promoting industrial transformation and brand sustainable development, but also expanding services to satisfy consumers. need.

The top American rib-eye steak of MUCHOYAKI, a new product of Godfather Steak, is now available on the PChome 24h shopping line, and you can enjoy famous cuisine at home. /Photo Credit: PChome 24h shopping

Choose products that are good for the environment and you, and sustainable development can’t stop. We invite you to do charity together:

Observing that during the epidemic, everyone has stopped exploring outwards and paid more attention to themselves. Consumers have also begun to choose better products and quality of life. We have also coordinated with the social innovation and development plan of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote the development of ” ㄗㄜˊ”Commercial bank assists the digital transformation of social entrepreneurs, selects products that are environmentally and socially friendly, and of high quality, so that merchants are responsible for production and consumers can choose to consume, choosing the products, life and ideals they want In the world. The income of the “ㄗㄜˊ” business will also donate 17% of its turnover to the Family Support Foundation, so that the consumption environment will continue to operate and the social environment will be better. PChome 24h Shopping hopes to use the advantages and experience of e-commerce to assist the digital transformation of fresh food and physical stores, so that they can prosper and benefit together in the face of shocks such as the epidemic, and provide consumers with more comprehensive services, as well as with the government and consumers. Work together to achieve the sustainable development goals of the UN SDGs.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and PChome 24h Shopping jointly promote the “ㄗㄜˊ” business plan to help social entrepreneurs with digital transformation, promote sustainable development, and create a selective future. /Photo Credit: PChome 24h shopping

Finally, thank consumers, thank you everyone for your persistence and trust, and thank you brave yourself. PChome 24h shopping will continue to accompany you, survive the epidemic together, and join hands in a better future!

Everyone has worked hard during this time! Encourage everyone to say to yourself: “Thank you for working so hard.” Learning and the epidemic have become the normal state of this period of time, add something good to yourself, reward yourself, and welcome the future to live a good life! PChome 24h Shopping launched the “24 Force of Love, Thank You for Your Brave Yourself” theme on July 24. The whole site is 85% off and LINE shopping plus 5% will be given back. Member exclusive offers will also be launched on the 24th of each month. Give back to every Taiwanese who has always supported us and been so brave.

Before the epidemic, PChome 24h shopping persisted as the existence of the people’s Everyday Reliable, especially during and after the epidemic. PChome 24h shopping will strive to fulfill all our past promises, and continue to provide more considerate services and give more positive feedback to the society as everyone’s dependence. During this time, everyone has worked hard. Thank you for your hard work. Everyone deserves to be treated better. This time, we survived together!

The content of this article is provided by “PChome 24h Shopping”, and has been reviewed and reviewed by Critical Review Network Media Group.


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