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Earlier, a hacker named teapotuberhacker uploaded 90 footage of the alleged early development of GTA VI to GTAForums, and the footage started circulating online as soon as it surfacedcrazy, which is still available to watch on some platforms as of now. Judging from the content of the film, the possibility that Bloomberg’s revelations this summer are true is very high. It is believed that the new work has two main characters, a male and a female, In a leaked clip, the Latina heroine Lucia robs a restaurant. Another short clip shows the controllable characters driving the “Vice City Metro” vehicle, which also matches the rumor that “GTA VI” will take place in the fictional version of Miami.

“Not that there are many doubts, but I have confirmed to Rockstar sources the authenticity of last weekend’s big GTA VI leak, and these clips are early and unfinished.” Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier said on Twitter “It’s one of the biggest leaks in gaming history, and it’s a nightmare for Rockstar Games,” he said.

In fact, the teapotuberhacker who posted the video also claimed to be the instigator of the recent Uber cyberattack. They said they got the beta version after getting the Slack account information of Rockstar employees, and said they may continue to upload more data including “GTA VI” and “GTA V” source code in the future. It is not clear when the beta version obtained by teapotuberhacker came from, but in any case, for Rockstar, which has been preparing the game for many years, it may be impossible to ignore the extortion of the other party (it is not the officer yet to make any statement).

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