External Affairs Committee, this time ‘playing a controversial video in profanity’ and once again stopped

Chairman Yoon Jae-ok and secretary Kim Seok-ki have a chat about playing the video replaying President Yoon’s controversial profanity [국회사진기자단]

The National Assembly’s Foreign Affairs and Unification Committee adjourned again due to differences of opinion between the opposition and opposition parties on whether a video related to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s profanity controversy can be played firmly.

In the parliamentary examination held again at 2 pm, independent lawmaker Kim Hong-geol referred to the video related to President Yoon Seok-yeol’s profanity debate and asked the chairman of the foreign affairs committee to allow it to be played.

Then, Democratic lawmakers also defended Rep. Kim, saying, “Usually, when asking questions about government audits, I played all the PPT materials and videos.”

Then, Representative Kim Seok-gi, secretary of the ruling party of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said, “I have seen the video beforehand and I would agree if there was nothing wrong, but if it is a video inappropriate, it’s hard to agree.”

When the opposition parties could not resolve their differences, Chairman Yoon Jae-ok of People’s Power asked for a discussion between the opposition and the opposition, and the External Commission was again suspended after 40 minutes of continuation amid opposition from the opposition “it’s not a matter for discussion.”

Earlier this morning, the Foreign Affairs Committee was interrupted once before the first question as the Democratic Party demanded the departure of Foreign Affairs Minister Park Jin and the masses of the people opposed him.


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