Extra! Extra! NEW NEWS Hale Theater Center !!!

Extra! Extra! NEW NEWS Hale Theater Center !!!

BWW Review: Extra! Extra! NEW NEWS Hale Theater Center !!!

Who doesn't love a story about the kids fighting for a good reason!

NEWSIES (the Harvey Fierstein, Alan Menken, Jack Feldman opus) It is such a show – encompassing ideology and energy ~ the story of the 19th century adolescent group, poor and mainly immigrant, who rejected the exploitation of child labor.

Claiming to change their poor wages, they defeated the baronies of the 19th century, Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst.

As a historical context, David Nasaw City Children it reiterates that the newspapers must buy the papers at 50 ¢ first and sell them on a penny each to earn a profit of half a cent per paper. When Pulitzer claimed that they would sell more paper to earn the same amount, they stopped and stopped delivery across the borough of New York. Strike of 1899 The Newsboys has been the culmination of a series of strikes over recent years to challenge such abuses. It was a very successful success but it did succeed, however, and it was a matter of legends ~ which were fictional in the DC Comics series. Newsboy Legion, then in Disney film 1992 News and adapted to Disney music in 2011.

The crispness and vibrancy of Theater Hale Center Theater is currently at the Cambrian James production – its well-designed and executed choreography and choreography (with dance captain Ashley Harkey), Lincoln Wright's musical direction, and energetic cast. and dynamic to boot.

Kade Bailey performs energetic and resolute performance as Jack Kelly, reluctant rebel, struggling with ambiguity between his desire to escape New York's borough streets and fulfill his artistic talent in the distance. Santa Feand the call to truth to speak with power.

Kaitlyn Russell mentions as Katherine, the neophyte reporter for Pulitzer's New York see the strike as an opportunity to put his line on the front page. She will certainly come to work with Jack and, yes, love breeds there. She records the ambitions of her character with real sensitivity and assertiveness as a secret See What Happens.

Ashley White is great as Medda Larkin, a theater owner who provides refuge for Jack and the newspapers. His affirmative and vexatious confirmation of his situation, t That's Rich, one of the highlights of the show.

If Jack Kelly is watching the storm that infringes the publisher's deception Pulitzer (Joey Morrison), his young chargers are the whip. Each of them brings the horror and energy necessary to his roles ~ Brandon Brown as Crutchie, the heart of the movement that has always been disregarded and loyal; Trustin Adams as Davey, who supports Jack to settle fairly and with courage; and Charlie Hall as Davey's terrible brother, Les. Powerhouse ensemble supports their impressive performances.

NEWSIES (run time: 2 hours and 30 minutes)number through 29 June at Hale Theater Center in Gilbert, AZ.

Poster credit with Hale Center Theater

Hale Center Theater ~ https://www.haletheatrearizona.com/ ~ 50 West Page Avenue, Gilbert, AZ ~ 480-497-1181 ~ boxoffice@haletheatrearizona.com

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