Extreme pressure “Coach Jar” hopes to lead “BG Pathum United” to invade “Muang Thong”

On January 15, 65, the readiness before the Revo Thai League football match, match 17, match between “Kilin swagger” Muangthong United, the 6th team with the Thunderdome Stadium open program, welcomes the visit of “The Rab Bit” BG Pathum United, the fifth ranked team on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 6:00 p.m., with the locals missing out on the cup game. After losing to Uthai Thani FC, BG has not won four league games in a row. But the latest in the cup football is just unlocked after winning against Songkhla FC

Recently, “Coach Jar” Dusit Chalermsaen, BG Pathum United’s head coach, said, “The game against Songkhla is measurable and can’t be compared to the league. But this year’s football cup We focus on every cup. as in the league that we still focus on Confidence in playing New players like Iksan Fandi have been playing with a full team for the first time. He has adapted to the team. and have a score make it more confident Team relations have improved. Teammates feel better, more confident, having a gym Worachit to help is good. and it is our driving force.”

“Readiness condition before meeting Muang Thong We also have Irrfan Fandi, which is not 100 per cent complete, may have to include a name. and perhaps the most complete set to play with Muangthong The injured player The matches are quite frequent these days. We also played in the AFC Champions League. which the team is working hard I want everyone who is hurt And come back to help the team quickly, try to stay.”


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