Extremely black diamond, worth over Rs 50 crore; 5555 carats, front in size

The world’s largest black diamond ready for sale on display in the UAE. The carbonado diamond, dubbed ‘The Enigma’, was on display in Dubai on Monday. This is the first time this rare diamond is on display.

Sophie Stevens, a jewelry expert at auction house Sotheby’s, says it may have formed after a meteorite or asteroid struck Earth 2.6 billion years ago. Experts say it is rare to find one of such size in natural black diamonds. It is believed that the diamond may have been contained in an asteroid that landed on Earth.

After the show in Dubai, ‘The Enigma’ will be on display in Los Angeles from January 24 to 26. It will then be delivered to the auction house in London in February. Given the age, significance and rarity of the diamond, it is estimated that it will fetch over Rs 50 crore at auction. The auction will take place from February 3 to 9.

The 555.55 carat diamond has 55 faces and is ready for sale. Enigma has the distinction of being the hardest diamond in the world, not just in size. Switzerland’s House of Goblins and the American Gemological Institute have already declared the Enigma the largest black diamond in the world. In 2006, the diamond also broke the Guinness World Record. But for so long it has not been made clear who the owner of this rare diamond was.

The auction house itself describes it as a “cosmic miracle” due to its unique properties. Sothabi announces that the auction will be accepted as virtual cash. The decision was made to attract people from outside the jewelery business to the auction. The company won Rs 91 crore ($ 12.3 million) in virtual currency at a diamond auction in Hong Kong last year.

English Summary: Massive 555-Carat Black Diamond Unveiled. It’s Thought To Be From Outer Space




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