Exxon: Alan will greatly help the national football team’s primary goal into the top 12 matches_Training

Original title: Exxon: Alan will give the national football a great help to the primary goal of the top 12

On January 22, Beijing time, the Chinese men’s football team officially assembled in Mission Hills, Haikou to start a new national football training session. After arriving at the hotel, the national team’s naturalized forward Axon accepted an interview with the media.

Speaking of his holiday arrangements, Exxon said: “It’s mainly to spend time with my family, my son and wife. I haven’t seen them for a long time and miss them very much. Of course, I’m also doing center technical training so that the training can have A good start. Of course, this winter is also very special for me. This is also the first time I have spent the New Year in China.”

Exon’s relationship with Alan has always been very good. He also talked about Alan, who was selected for the national team for the first time: “As soon as the national football roster came out, I was in contact with Alan. Congratulations to him. Of course, he has not yet joined the team. I think He will bring great help to the team.”

Speaking of his physical condition, Exxon said: “I just said that I have not interrupted training. Although I have not played the ball for a month, I feel that my physical fitness is still very good. I hope this year can have a full year. Because 2021 will be very different for us.”

Looking forward to the prospects of the top 40, Exxon said: “2021 is special for us. Our first goal is to advance to the top 12. Last year, because of the epidemic, there was no competition for a whole year, so each of us hopes to be able to advance. Everyone needs to work hard and look forward to a happy result at the end of the year.” (Sohu Sports Pei Li)Return to Sohu to see more


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