Home Entertainment “Eye Mahanop” is boiling tonight! Battle Sanun “Son-Kung” opens the love battle for diamonds

“Eye Mahanop” is boiling tonight! Battle Sanun “Son-Kung” opens the love battle for diamonds

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“Net Mahanop” screen is boiling tonight! Battle Sanun “Son-Kung” opens the love battle for diamonds

Being concentrated in every episode For the detective drama “Net Mahanop”, especially solving the case of the billionth robbery of the bodyguard of young Son-Yuk, the latest looks like a real villain. When Young Son got some clues that young Kung-Kon might have witnessed the theft of diamonds. Therefore raids to find evidence in the kitchen of young kang kang Until both of them collided with boiling water !!

Behind the scenes of the couple’s intense action, director Man-Mathee set the scene in the Ax Studio in Pathum Thani Province to be a cold storage room before the actual shoot. Because he knows that today will have to fight hard The director then called the pair to practice cue and to arrange a kick, punch, and swing hit the wall. In which two of them could be fluent And made an appointment to avoid a professional rhythm Because each person has enough experience playing action After practicing for a while When he saw that they were both ready The director did not delay, sending the signal immediately.

Son invaded the crayfish’s kitchen cooler to find Petchnet Mahanop. Because they suspect some behavior of Crayfish While the crayfish go back to the kitchen to retrieve the hidden diamond When he came to see the pine in his kitchen Crayfish feared the secret will be revealed. Did not delay, grabbed a large leg of lamb, immediately opened the scene and struck the pine But he quickly escaped and threw his fists into the night without stop Then, each of them walked forward, took turns, taking turns, defending against death Especially crayfish who do not like to care about the original capital Knowing that Son secretly likes her lover, Esther (Esther Supri Lila), while Son wants to catch them Before he made a mistake, was thrown and knocked hard on the table This work, I do not delay, hurry and repeat. Both strangled and locked his neck until he was almost exhausted.

Alright, the action is so fierce How will the conclusion of this battle end? Do not miss the drama “Net Mahanop” on Wednesday night January 13 at 8:15 p.m. on channel 31.


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