eyelid surgery girl Finished, eyebrows bent into opera, stunned, bully the clinic staff crowd, challenged him to sue.

Shocked girl undergoing surgery to correct scary eyelashes Finished eyebrows bent like opera Rumbully clinic staff ward off responsibility Pursuing yourself to sue

(March 28, 2023) at 12:00 noon, the reporter received a complaint from Mrs. Wanphen, 40, a villager in Ban Khai District, Rayong Province that in the past January went to the service of a beauty clinic Located on Sukhumvit Road , Muang District, Rayong Province

by using the service to solve the ptosis problem To hide vision, which is an obstacle to work After connecting through the page of the beauty clinic mentioned above Then, after an initial discussion, he went to the clinic to ask for details of ptosis correction in detailed Before surgery, the clinic told me that there is insurance for 6 months.

They then agreed to have surgery last January. by paying 15,900 baht, but after surgery It seems that the eyelashes are still in the same place. Still hiding sight, no different to pre-surgery Also when you come back home Close people, including acquaintances, say what they have done to make sure their eyebrows don’t match equal Our face looks strange and deformed from the original.

Then a detailed examination found that the clinic carried out an operation on the eyebrows to put the skin together and sew the skin together, resulting in the deformation of the eyebrows, and the two eyebrows do not match. The problem seems to have been fixed at the wrong point. The problem is still the same, but the wrongly shaped eyebrows are operable instead.

Following that, dialogue with the clinic continued through a conversation to take responsibility. Because before the operation, the clinic said the guarantee was 6 months until an appointment was made to go to the clinic. We feel more comfortable But after entering the clinic, it was unexpected. The clinic shied away from all responsibility. Say we agree to do it ourselves. In addition, the clinic staff also attacked us. laughed at us So we said we would complain. The staff dared to invite them. and still singing songs to chase us Insulted as if we were stupid, he did it himself.

Mrs. would like Wanphen help present the news to warn others as an example. Before falling into the beauty service in case you find the one yourself

Initially, a complaint was made to SSC online and complained to Rayong Provincial Public Health Look at that clinic. Is it open legally? If there is progress, it will be reported further.