F-One is very confused, has joined the Thai championship but has to continue 7 points every frame.

F1 or F Nakhon Nayok has received good news that it can compete in the Thailand Championship. But even if the opponent has 7 points every frame

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F-One or “F Nakhon Nayok” Thep Chaiya Unnu, the world’s 39th snooker player, prepares to fly from England. Come back to compete in the Thailand Championship at Nakhon Ratchasima Province Between 20-25 December, but must have a handicap for the opponent 7 points every frame

The 36-year-old queue picker posted a message on his personal Facebook page on November 29 that he was banned from competing in the Thailand Championship for no reason. despite intending to fly back to join the competition and have already planned Before the Billiard Sports Association of Thailand Will inform later that referred to be able to compete in this list

However, F Nakhon Nayok will compete in this tournament under the rules that have to hand the opponent 7 points every frame, which makes him question and reply to the fans who commented on this matter.

“I’m confused that the Thailand Championship level. It shouldn’t have any handicap. even one point No matter how far apart the hands are Because it’s an open show.”

“I’ve never asked Ronnie (Osullivan) to hand a point.”

Mr. Sunthorn Jarumon, President of the Billiards Association of Thailand Revealed about this. He consulted with “Kewthong” Sakda Ratanasuban, Vice President of the Association and several executive committees Whether it is open to professional snooker players returning from England to compete?

which concluded that to make the competition vigorous and colorful in the Thai snooker industry Professional snooker players can compete. But have to play the final 128 qualifying at TBC Snooker Center, which this year F Nakhon Nayok will participate in the competition. This is good news for Thai snooker fans.

“According to the rules of the association world professional snooker player Must be against competitors every frame, 7 points per frame in order not to have a lot of advantages and disadvantages by handicap Many athletes may see it as too little. Professionals should continue more.”

“But about 3 years ago, F was only 7 points and still couldn’t get through the qualifying round. because of the air and table will not be like in England Therefore, we think it should be suitable for all athletes. I want the Thai snooker industry to be active. What’s more developed that I think I’m ready to do for the industry? And I hope all snooker fans will be able to watch the best snooker games in Thailand at the end of the year 2021.”

In this list, there is also “Tong Sitchoi” Wattana Phuobom, a favorite Thai snooker player. Compete as a wildcard hand as well.


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