F1 champion Max Verstappen “I don’t like street circuits”[F1-Gate.com]

Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen has admitted he is not a fan of Formula 1 street circuits.

Two-time F1 title winner Max Verstappen, who has won all the major F1 street track trophies in recent years, including Monaco, Miami, Jeddah and Baku, admits he no longer meets the discipline which is enclosed with a barrier to admit it.

“Formula 1 cars are not built for that,” Verstappen told Dutch Formula 1 magazine.

“The old car was still easy to handle, but not now. In Monaco and Singapore I was very disappointed with how the new car performed on the streets.”

“It’s too heavy, too hard. You can’t use curbs anymore. Cars aren’t built for it.”

“It’s good for photos, but not for racing,” smiled Max Verstappen.

Unfortunately, in 2023 a new street track will be added, the F1 Las Vegas GP.

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