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F1: Differences between McLaren and Red Bull climate felt by Daniel Ricciardo[F1-Gate .com]

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Daniel Ricciardo says McLaren’s Zak Brown and Red Bull’s Helmut Marko are “very different” in character, but both have the same ultimate goal in F1.

Daniel Ricciardo is unique in working with one of F1’s most vibrant personalities, Zak Brown, and one of the most demanding, Helmut Marko, and comparing how they work. I’m in a position.

Daniel Ricciardo survived Red Bull’s junior program and was promoted to a senior team in 2014, spent five seasons as a Red Bull Racing driver before moving to Renault, and two years later his current team, McLaren. Joined.

Red Bull F1 Motorsports Advisor Helmut Marko has seen his approach as an outlier compared to other F1 seniors, including criticizing the driver’s performance in a media interview.

But Daniel Ricciardo praises how 78-year-old Helmut Marko is still working hard on both F1 and Red Bull teams.

“Their personalities are very different,” Daniel Ricciardo told Beyond the Grid.

“As you know, Helmut is a man with few words. Zaku is probably as talkative as I am!”

“But the similarity is that they are both hungry. Through their personality, they may show it differently, but they are both very good at doing this. It’s hungry. “

“Everyone knows Helmut. The fact that he’s still with every race speaks for itself. I always respect him and admire Helmut for it. There “

Regarding Zak Brown and team leader Andreas Seidl’s current McLaren management team, Daniel Ricciardo said he enjoys the dynamics with his employer.

Daniel Ricciardo says Zak Brown’s enthusiasm for motorsport is contagious, creating a knock-on effect in his organization’s desire to improve McLaren.

“Zaku wants to do that. He loves racing,” said Daniel Ricciardo.

“He’s the biggest fan and he’s doing it the most positive way, which gives him the desire to build a better team.”

For Andreas Seidl, on the other hand, Daniel Ricciardo says he can make tough decisions as needed about how the team operates on a daily basis.

“Andreas (Seidol) has what he can call” German efficiency “. He has the struggle instinct that the team needs, not only to have authority, but to be trusted by those around him. Is also necessary. ”

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