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F1 machine description: Mercedes rear wing “mini DRS” that Red Bull F1 considers to be a violation[F1-Gate .com]

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Red Bull Honda F1 has warned that it is ready to protest the rear wing of Mercedes, but what exactly is the violation? racingnews365 explained.

Red Bull F1 team representative Christian Horner asked Mercedes F1 team representative Toto Wolff to explain the “score marks” he found in the rear wing of the W12 at a FIA press conference on Friday. rice field.

Toto Wolff replied, “I think it’s within the permitted range, so I think it’s okay.”

Andrew Shoblin, head of trackside engineering for Mercedes F1, claimed that the rear wing had no illegal performance-related marks.

“I look closely, but I don’t have a score mark. I’m not sure what I mean,” Andrew Shoblin told Sky F1.

Mercedes W12 rear wing “score mark”

However, racingnews365 found the scoremark pointed out by Red Bull. The above picture was taken from behind the right foot of the rear wing, with a clear mark left in the horizontal area surrounded by yellow.

So what kind of trick does Mercedes use in the rear wing?

Red Bull F1 was forced to fix after being pointed out by Mercedes F1 that the rear wing was “bent”. It was the upper flap on the rear wing, and the flap slept straight to reduce drag and gain straight speed. By the way, DRS also has a mechanism to open the upper flap.

But what the Mercedes F1 is doing is not the upper flap with the INEOS logo, but the lower flap with Hygienics. The sleeping of the flexible lower flap creates a large gap between the two elements, acting as a “mini DRS”, racingnews365 explains.

In fact, the upper flap gets in the way and this trick is barely visible to the naked eye, but Red Bull seems to have unraveled the trick from the rear wing scoremark.

At the F1 Brazilian Grand Prix Friday’s qualifying parc ferme, Max Verstappen was fined by touching the lower flap to check flexibility.

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