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F1 race Verstappen car was shoveled by “flip-flops” system to save Hamilton’s life-IT and Sports

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Last night, the F1 Italian Grand Prix of the 2021 season was held at the Monza circuit. The first half of the race can be said to be unremarkable, but it was not until the shocking collision of world champions Hamilton and Verstappen that the race advanced to a climax in an instant. At the same time, because of this collision, both of them retired,The McLaren team became the biggest winner. Ricardo and Norris won the championship and runner-up respectively, and Mercedes driver Bottas, the last on the grid, won the third runner-up.


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The last championship of the McLaren team goes back to 2012 in Brazil. Button, who has not retired that year, brought the team a championship, and since then, McLaren has not been on board for 8 years. Have been on the podium.

In fact, the starting sequence of this race is very interesting. Mercedes’ Bottas took the pole position, but because of the engine change, he was ranked last on the grid. Verstappen of Red Bull Racing starts from pole position.

However, Verstappen started poorly and was overtaken by Ricardo at the beginning. The Italian local driver Giovinaz collided with other cars, causing the safety car to be deployed briefly.

On lap 23, “Leader” Ricardo took the lead in the first stop, and temporarily ranked seventh after leaving the stop. Verstappen pitted one lap later, but dropped to 10th after leaving the station due to a tyre change error. On the same lap, Hamilton surpassed Norris to lead the track.

On lap 26, Hamilton pitted into the pit. After exiting, he lined up behind Norris, leading Verstappen slightly into Turn 1. Verstappen immediately launched a tough attack,But because there was not enough space, he was squeezed onto the shoulder of the road and was shoveled into the air by Hamilton’s car. Then two cars rushed into the buffer zone and both drivers retired. The race will show the yellow flag and dispatch the safety car.

It can be seen from the video that Hamilton’s “Halo system saved his life.” After Verstappen’s car was shoveled into the air, the right rear wheel hit Hamilton’s head, but the Halo system took it. Most of the crashes from racing cars.

The Halo system is a system designed to provide full head protection for drivers in high-speed racing cars in open-wheel races dominated by formula cars. The main user protects the driver from flying debris, and in the event of a collision, to ensure that the driver’s head is not injured by the impact.

In the 2018 season, racing cars equipped with the Halo system were unveiled one after another, the system being the strongest component on the car.It is made of titanium alloy materials. At present, titanium structural parts with a diameter of 50mm are mostly used, and the weight is about 7 kilograms.

In the test, it is shown that in the case of a car-to-car collision, the Halo system can withstand a static load of dozens of times the full mass of the vehicle itself and can significantly reduce potential damage.

In other words, this 7kg weight component can withstand an impact of about 12 tons, which is the strongest part of the car; in addition, in the vehicle’s environmental test, Halo can prevent the helmet from touching the wall or barrier.

However, because this “Halo system” is loaded in front of the cockpit,The connecting rod in the middle will affect the driver’s sight to a certain extent, and the shape is weird, like a “flip-flop” installed above the cockpit of a racing car, which has been complained by many drivers.

In addition, in the Grand Prix, Bottas started from the end of the team and eventually overtook to win third place. Leclerc was fourth, Perez ranked fifth with a 5-second penalty, Sainz, Stoll, Alonso, Russell, and Ocon were ranked sixth to tenth.

Currently, Verstappen leads the sports car driver’s standings, and Hamilton is 5 points behind in second place. The next race will be held in Sochi, Russia from September 24th to 26th. and,Regarding the collision, the FIA ​​announced the results of the investigation: Verstappen was fined three places behind the Russian station.


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