F5 plane crashes, Air Force spokesman reveals pilot is safe The machine was not loaded with explosives.

A spokesman for the Royal Thai Air Force said the pilot was safe. In the process of coordinating to receive treatment at Bhumibol Hospital, the cause is under investigation by the Aviation Safety Team.

In the case of an 18th Fighter Aircraft (F-5) under the 211 Squadron, 21st Airborne Division, it was involved in an accident while carrying out an applied tactical flight mission. Area for training in the use of air weapons in Chai Badan Lopburi In the late afternoon of December 3

Lt. Gen. Prapas Sonjaidee, spokesman for the Air Force revealed the progress that Initially, it was reported that the pilot was safe, had a broken leg, a broken arm, and now doctors are in the process of bringing the pilot back for treatment at Bhumibol Adulyadej Hospital. Royal Thai Air Force Medical Department

Pol Lt Gen Prapas said that The aircraft was a two-seater, but operated solo. It is the first machine that has already been modified. It has been in use since June 23, 1981, approximately 40 years, which has been used for 6,700 hours. The aircraft can be used for up to 9,000 hours, but has been in an accident before.

“Now all relevant Air Force personnel have entered the area. The Air Force Commander has been informed of And has ordered to take care of all parts that affect the people’s brothers and sisters in the Air Force. ready to help and heal all If damaged in the case of an airplane Including the wounded pilot was well taken care of. Accidents no one wants to happen. But there are chances that happen because of the risks of flying.” An Air Force spokesman said

Pol Maj Gen Praphat added that The crashed plane was not carrying any explosives. But attached to it is a simulated bomb attached to the machine. used in flight training. which still do not know which part is dangerous and ask the staff to check first


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