FA Cup|Manchester United and Manchester City entered the first performance of the triple crown battle, Manchester City Derby

The Manchester City duo made their debut in the FA Cup final, and the battle will take place at Wembley Stadium tomorrow night (03/06 22:00 Hong Kong time). The “Red Devils” Manchester United, who won the English League Cup for the first time this season, strive for the double domestic cup and still hope to “dominate the martial arts”; stop the rivals in the same city, “Blue Moon” Manchester City, and become the first team since Ferguson, the legendary leader of Red Devils led the team in 1999. , the second British football triple crown in history; and the current leader of the Premier League, Manchester City, coach Diona will of course do his best, promising to break. through the “second hurdle” of the triple crown.

Manchester City’s 12-game winning streak in the Premier League at the end of the season won the title, and they reached the Europa League final against Inter Milan; as long as they can win the two remaining games at the end of the season. , they can become the 10th European club to win the honor “Triple Crown” The country is on equal footing with Manchester United. The Red Devils will not hold back against their rivals in the neighboring city, and promised to stand in the way; in 1999, Manchester United triple crown hero goalkeeper Schumigau and defender Gary Nivelli eliminated Bai Li with a 12-yard shot from each other in the team’s top four After a pause, he also said in unison: “Now we have the chance to stop it (Manchester City’s Triple Crown).”

In terms of history, 12-time league leaders Manchester United (second only to 14-time champions Arsenal) have twice as many as Manchester City, who won only 6 times; The Red Devils are 14 points behind their rivals in this regard. Premier League of the year and only third, they scored 36 fewer goals in the league during the whole season, and their force is well behind Blue Moon. In addition to the fact that the arrow Anthony Madier suffered a torn muscle in the last fight, he will definitely miss this game. The winger Anthony Maffeo may not be able to return from injury in time . Nu Fernandis and goalkeeper “Golden Glove” De Gea supported the general situation.

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Dibney Charante forks foot power to grab the cup

Manchester City won the English FA Cup last time in 2019 and is also the leader of the Premier League. At the end of this season, the overall position of the team has been set, and a large number of rotations will be played. to concentrate on the finals of the two remaining major cups. When the Premier League defeated Shake Binford, striker Qiyun Dibney, winger Kiarishu, spine Ai Jianzhi and Rubin Dias, who were not included in the list of appearances, should be able to return; of course, the battle will last forever Y The popular sharpshooter from the Premier League Aining Xialante, who is on the bench, has regained his energy and has continued to score goals. Like Marles, who has also scored 3 goal in this year’s English FA Cup, he attacked the opponent’s defense and hopefully helped the second level Blue Moon Pass.


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