FA Park Dong Announcement… KIA Catcher Plan B Concept

FA Park Dong Announcement… KIA Catcher Plan B Concept

Failure to submit a multi-year non-FA contract
Player side Market Valuation Selection
Trade, internal training, etc.
I’m going to try different ways
Koh Jong-wook chose to stay at KIA

By Choi Dong-hwan, reporter [email protected]

Published 2022-11-16 16:42:11

KIA Catcher Park Dong-declared in 2023 FA. Courtesy of KIA Tigers

KIA outfielder Ko Jong-wook, who gave up FA rights 2023. Courtesy of KIA Tigers

KIA outfielder Ko Jong-wook, who gave up FA rights 2023. Courtesy of KIA Tigers

With the free agent (FA) market opening in earnest, attention is being paid to the future of the KIA Tigers, who failed to sign a multi-year non-FA deal with the catcher Park Dong-won (32). With the release of the FA of main holder Park Dong-won, KIA plans to implement Plan B of various measures such as trade, internal training, and external FA recruitment in preparation for transfer.

Park Dong-won was named on the list of 2023 FA approved players published by the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) on the 16th. As a result, Park Dong-win will exercise his rights from the 17th and negotiate freely with 10 clubs.

KIA recruited Park Dong-won from Kiwoom by trade in April. He brought the outfielder, Kim Tae-jin, 1 billion won in cash, and a 2023 round 2 rookie nomination by card.

The reason why KIA took the risk of an introductory free agent and recruited Park Dong-won was to solve the troubles at home, a delicate situation. Here, it was a decision that considered a multi-year contract if Park Dong-won showed more than expected this season.

After moving to KIA, Park Dong-won played 112 games and recorded 86 hits in 352 at-bats (17 home runs), 53 RBIs and 51 runs, a .244 batting average, a .440 slugging percentage, and an on-base percentage of . the base of 0.333 .

With a steal rate of 0.355, he showed a perfect performance in defense, ranking second behind Yang Eui-ji (0.422) among catchers who played more than 110 games this season.

KIA has been working to keep Park Dong-won since last August, and offered Park Dong-won a multi-year contract while reviewing the conditions several times. However, in the end, Park Dong-won chose to accept market evaluation.

KIA cannot conclude that FA Park Dong-won’s statement is a failure in the negotiations, but intends to prepare a ‘Plan B’ to prepare for the transfer.

Jang Jeong-seok, the general manager of the KIA, said, “The club did its best by reviewing the conditions several times and offering a multi-year contract, but (Park) Dong-won did not accept it. “We will continue to contact them, but we are preparing for any possible outcomes,” he said.

KIA’s plan B is to strengthen the home through trade, foster internal development, and recruit free agents from the outside.

KIA recently transferred the 2024 rookie nomination round to Kiwoom and recruited catcher Joo Hyo-ganu in preparation for the transfer of Park Dong-won. However, the internal evaluation is that it is difficult to challenge the Korea Series with the system of Han Seung-taek and Joo Hyo-sang, who do not have much experience as main catchers.

KIA, running towards ‘Win Now’, can realistically choose a trade. This is the situation that Samsung can trade by using the holder. Samsung has national team catcher Kang Min-ho, starting catcher Kim Tae-gun, and designated debutant Kim Jae-seong. However, since Samsung wants a bullpen pitcher, given the already weak KIA bullpen, it won’t be easy.

KIA is also considering recruiting an external agent for free. Yang Eui-ji (NC), Yoo Kang-nam (LG), and Park Se-hyeok (Doosan) came out in the FA market this time. However, the possibility seems low because there is not enough space in the salary cap, and even if the recruitment is successful, players must be paid compensation or compensation.

KIA outfielder Koh Jong-wook (33) gave up his FA rights and chose to stay.

On the 13th, Ko Jong-wook was on the FA 2023 qualification player list for the first time since his debut in 2011, but he did not apply after much consideration.

After receiving a release notice from SSG after the 2021 season, Ko Jong-wook wore a KIA uniform at the end of the joining test. He recorded 30 hits (2 home runs) in 106 at-bats this season, 14 RBIs, 13 runs, 1 stolen base, a .283 batting average, a .425 slugging percentage, and a .327 on-base percentage. His batting average was 0.296, and his pinch hitting average was 0.297.

Ko Jong-wook played mostly as a member of the bench this season, but as a fast left-handed hitter, he is expected to contribute enough to Yasu-jin’s depth at KIA next year as he plays his part in his batting ability.

Meanwhile, the FA approved players announced by the KBO on this day include Park Dong-won, Yang Eui-ji, Yoo Gang-nam, Park Se-hyeok, Lee Tae-yang, Oh Tae-gon (above SSG), Jeong Chan -heon, Han Hyun-hee (above Ki-woom), Kim Jin-seong, Chae Eun-seong (above LG), and Shin Bon-gi (KT), Lee Jae- hak, Won Jong-hyun, Noh Jin-hyuk, Park Min-woo, Kwon Hee-dong, Lee Myeong-gi (NC), Oh Seon-jin, Kim Sang-soo (Samsung), Kang Yun-gu (Lotte) , and Jang Si-hwan (Hanwha) .

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