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Face and hands set aside; 23 hours long surgery; History | face | double hand transplant

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Doctors in the United States have successfully completed the first surgery to replace the face and both hands. Joe Dimeo, 22, has been given a new face and life in the excellence of science. The young man, who suffered 80 percent burns following a car accident in 2018, is now recovering his face.

Joy lost her lips, eyelids and even the tips of her fingers following the accident. Last August, a team of 140 health workers, including expert doctors, performed the 23-hour marathon. The surgery was led by doctors and health workers at Langon Health, a New York University university. Authorities then confirmed that Joe had regained his face and hands following surgery and that the transplant was a success.

“Facelift surgery is more challenging than any other plastic surgery,” he said. Frank Papai responded. Papaya, who specializes in facial plastic surgery, says that as part of the surgery, not only the skin but also the muscles, bones and nerves had to be added to the body. A woman who had previously undergone facelift surgery had an infection. Their hands had to be removed following the infection after the surgery was initially considered a success.

Dimeo’s surgery was performed by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. It was led by Eduro Rodriguez. Eduro Rodriguez also led the 2015 firefighting operation, which has been dubbed the most complex facelift surgery in the world.

In the case of Dimeo, the main challenge was that his body’s immune system responded quickly. Doctors estimated that there was only a six percent chance of finding a suitable donor. But Dimeo’s surgery became possible in August 2020 when he was able to find such a suitable donor.

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About half of Dimeo’s fingers had to be surgically removed. The eyelids, eyebrows, ears, nose, lips, scalp and jawbone were implanted as part of the facelift surgery. ‘This is the gift of a lifetime. Dimeo’s response was, “Maybe his family will be happy to see the donor ‘s body parts live through me.” Dimeo said he and his family are very happy to have a second chance at life.


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