Face Jackets Setbacks in Norman - Volleyball - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

Face Jackets Setbacks in Norman - Volleyball - Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

ASU Box Score
OU Box Score

NORMAN, Okla. – Georgia Tech volleyball (6-3) fought hard through four series with Arizona State (6-3) and Oklahoma (7-2) but dropped 3-1 in both Saturday's matches in two final games of the Nike OU Invitational. With weekend positions, sophomore Kayla Kaiser she earned herself on the competition team.

ASU 3, GT 1
The jackets were slowly kicked off but put their way back into the series, joining the score at 13-13 on a block from shophomore Mikaila Dowd. The Sun Devils had a one-point direction at 15-14 at media time but extended it to three at 18-15 and Tech gave their first time series. The Jackets were unable to relieve the momentum of Arizona State as the Sun Devils did run 7-0 and Tech called the timetable with the score at 22-15. The White and Gold stopped running with a man from a fresh man Julia Bergmann but it was not enough and Arizona State took the first series at 25-16.

Back the Jackets back in the second, using a 7-0 run to jump to a 8-4 lead on killing from a senior Kodie Comby and State State of Arizona is the first timeline of the set. The Sun Devils took on a 6-1 goal to knit the score at 12-12. The Jackets fell behind 18-14 on a 6-0 run by Arizona State and they called for a second time period of the series. The White and Gold kept fighting, using back-killing from Kaiser to bring the jackets within two at 23-21. Tech only set one point before the Devils Sun stole the set at 25-22 for the 2-0 edge.

The third battle was another battle but running 7-0 with sophomore Matti McKissock at the service line Tech put up 16-8. The Sun Devils rowed three and the jackets called a time limit to stop their momentum at 16-11. That went well and the White and Gold went up 19-12 on ace service from Kaiser and the Sun Devils called the second time period. Arizona did not succeed in making it but the Jockeys managed to stay ahead and canceled the series at 25-22 from Kaiser.

The fourth set was the entire way and back, running trade and points. The jackets were stuck at 15-14 at the time of the media. Tech fought back to be headed at 19-18 ace service from sophomore Mariana Brambilla and called ASU on its first timetable. The Sun Devils took two points out of the timetable and the Jackets brought one of their own, trailing 20-19. This time Arizona State was leading the game and took the 3-1 game at 25-21.

OU 3, GT 1
Tech was ready to go, going on to 11-6 leader of ace service from Brambilla to apply the Sooners to the first time of the game to call. Oklahoma, which was being trained by the Georgia Tech alumnus volleyball, Lindsey Gray, added a back goal to tie the set at 12-12 and at Tech's time limit. The Jackets went back to a 22-20 lead before the Sooners used the second period of time. Oklahoma recognized a goal with a back goal to knit the score at 22-22 and use Tech the second time. The teams were re-deployed at 23-23 but the Early Delays were at the 25-23 series.

Oklahoma brought the momentum into the second layer, taking 8-3 lead before the Jackets called the timetable. Techgled use at the one that was emerging in one at 11-10 on a kill at Bergmann and Oklahoma timetable. Tech kept fighting, connecting the series at 15-15 on kill from Bergmann and the teams are trading to 23-23. Oklahoma rose to the final two points of the series to take the 2-0 advantage at 25-23.

The third tier was another grind; The Jackets fell behind 11-7 and they called a time limit. Tech came back to tie him at 14-14 on a killing from Dowd but the Early Learners pushed back forward, leaving the second time jackets to use 18-14 times. The Jackets were tied again, using a block from a fresh man Erin Moss and Brambilla gives the score to 19-19. The next three were taken by the Jackets to make it 22-19 and the Early Retirers called on time to regroup. Tech was in charge of the lead and he placed a third set at 25-22 on a kill from Moss to keep the Jackets there.

The fourth started as an air force and the teams were trading to 9-9. The people of the present century developed three at 12-9 and Tech called their first timetable. Oklahoma was maintained by Oklahoma, which gave the score to 18-11 before three-straight errors introduced Tech into 18-14 and the Early Developers introduced the timetable. The Jockeys were not able to come back this time and a quarter of 25-16 dropped to give Oklahoma a 3-1 win.

Up next:
The Jackets go to Athens, Ga., For Georgia and the Georgia contestant take Thursday-Friday 19 September 19-20.

Tech Tidbits vs ASU:

  • 16 Kaiser killing was a high profession for the sophomore.
  • Dowd recorded a double double double of the 12 killing season and 19 excavation.
  • Dowth's 19 excavations were a high season for the sophomore.
  • Brambilla concentrated on his second double double of the season with 14 killing and 11 excavations.

Tech Tidbits vs OU:

  • Julia Bergmann recorded her fifth double double of the season with 12 killing and 13 digging.
  • Dowd got his second double double of the day with 12 killing and 18 excavations.
  • Three saw double killing Jackets in Dowd, Bergmann and Brambilla.
  • Two digits were excavated by three Jackets with Dowd, Bergmann and Tippett.

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