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Facebook announces that ads will be displayed in VR apps-GIGAZINE

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Facebook is a VR deviceOculus QuestAnnounced that it will begin testing ads within the platform. Advertising will be a VR game in the coming weeksBlastonIt will be displayed in multiple apps including.

Testing In-Headset VR Ads – About Facebook

Testing In-Headset VR Ads | Oculus

Facebook will start putting ads in Oculus Quest apps – The Verge

Facebook-affiliated Oculus VR will use VR device data for advertising in 2019Changed privacy policy.. In May 2021, we announced the rollout of ads to mobile apps, but this is the first time we have actually displayed ads on the VR platform. Oculus VR announced on its blog detailed information such as “When the ad will be fully tested on the Oculus platform and mobile apps after the ad has been tested and the feedback from the developers and the community has been incorporated.” I will. “

According to Facebook and Oculus VR, it is possible to set to block specific advertisements like Facebook apps that are not VR. In addition, we collect and analyze user information in accordance with existing Facebook advertising policies. It was explained that the images taken by the camera of the Oculus headset and the biometric information such as weight and height obtained by the fitness tracker “Oculus Move” remain only on the device and are not sent to the Facebook server. In addition, Facebook says it has no plans to use data recorded by voice assistants or motion data recorded by devices for ad targeting.

In fact, you can see the GIF animation that takes the action of “remove the ad” for the ad on the platform by clicking the image below.

In its announcement, Facebook emphasized that the purpose of ad deployment is to create “a new way for developers to generate revenue.”Of overseas news mediaArs Technica“Facebook has previously banned the use of third-party advertising services in Oculus’s app policy, which has blocked developer monetization, but this test has changed the situation. “.

VR is believed to be able to provide users with a powerful advertising experience that is different from existing advertising through television and websites. If you think about advertising for movies and dramas, advertising for physical products such as IKEA, that’s no doubt. Integrating ads into the VR platform is believed to be a huge incentive for developers to work in the Facebook ecosystem.

Meanwhile, Ars Technica points out that Facebook could target VR game developers as advertising tools. “After all, big companies don’t buy small companies that are successful for charity,” he said.

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