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Meta announced the launch of PAC-MAN COMMUNITY at Facebook Gaming on December 6th (local time). At the same time, two new functions, “Play With Streamer” and “Facebook Interactives”, have been added to Fcebook Gaming. Both are used in PAC-MAN COMMUNITY.

PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is a new Pac-Man developed in collaboration with interactive streaming technology developers Genvid and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment, and it is said that players, commentators, viewers, etc. can connect in new ways. In addition to 1-player play, it can be played in groups of up to 4 players. In addition to the prepared maze, you can create your own maze using a dedicated tool.

One of the new features used in this PAC-MAN COMMUNITY is the Play with Streamer feature. The broadcaster will display a button on the livestream and the viewer will be able to play with it by pressing it. The streaming itself continues in picture-in-picture, so play is uninterrupted.

Another Facebook Interactives is an interactive element that is superimposed on the livestreaming screen, and in the future there is a possibility that trivia quizzes, voting, games that can be played by streaming, etc. will be incorporated. .. In PAC-MAN COMMUNITY, it can be used in Watch mode, and AI play can also help either Pac-Man or Ghost. We plan to add new features in the coming months.

Facebook believes that games are a strong link between people in many ways, and that the three pillars of “playing, watching, and connecting” have tremendous potential. is. On top of that, they also say that when they are combined, they will become even more powerful, and by providing features such as Play With Streamer and Facebook Interactives, we will explore the experience that connects these pillars, and the community and society centered on games. It is said that it will build a positive connection.

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