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Facebook says Iranian hackers used Facebook to attack US military

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Social media giant Facebook has revealed that the Iranian-based hacker group to attack the US Army By this time, more than 200 accounts have been deleted.

Facebook released the latest report that states Facebook has dealt with more than 200 accounts run by Iranian hackers. which is one of the cyber spy operations targeted as personnel in the United States Army

Facebook further revealed that Such a group of hackers is called Tortoiseshell It is a group that uses fake accounts to connect to specific targets. In the meantime, it will lure victims to gain trust. Then it will attach malicious links. Hopefully, mobile phones and other devices of the target infected with malware

Creating a fake hacker account They tend to build credible profiles on other platforms too, such as LinkedIn and Twitter, pretending to be recruiting professionals. He’s an employee in a space company. or private military agencies, etc. In this section, Microsoft LinkedIn owners have removed some of the fake accounts. and Twitter is under review.

hacker attack Malware is distributed in a variety of ways. From email channels, chat apps, or even Microsoft Excel.

on the Microsoft and Google not still A group of suspected hackers are being monitored and alerted of their attempts to attack this group.

From the investigation, it was found that hacker group Tortoiseshell It used malware developed by Mahak Rayan Afraz (MRA), a software company based in Tehran. And this company also has ties with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Source: The Guardian

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