Fact-Checking Football Interviews: Uncovering the Truth Behind Manipulated Videos on YouTube

Fact-Checking Reveals Manipulated Football Interview Videos on YouTube

In a recent trend on YouTube, interview videos featuring famous football players or coaches have been circulating with provocative stories that raise doubts about their authenticity. However, our fact-checking team has discovered that most of these videos are doctored and manipulated.

Investigative reporter, Lee Kyung-won, provides the details:

In a video uploaded during the height of rumors surrounding Lee Kang-in’s potential move to Paris Saint-Germain, there was a particular segment that caught attention:

“But in Paris, will you be replaced by a Korean player named Lee Kang-in? Some say Messi is also brought in as a marketing stunt (referring to Lee Kang-in). Wow. China really has no respect, doesn’t it?”

This video garnered an astonishing 3.6 million views. However, our investigation revealed that it is a manipulated video with misleading subtitles.

During an interview when Messi visited China for a friendly match against Australia last month, the original question posed by China’s CCTV was completely different:

“What does winning the Copa America, FIFA World Cup, and the final mean to you?”

Messi’s response at the time merely touched upon it being a special experience. Therefore, the video circulating with the distorted question is clearly fabricated.

Another instance involves a press conference featuring Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp:

“It is said that Son Heung-min will be moving to the Saudi League for money. What are your thoughts, Mr. Klopp? (Interrupting) Asking me such a question now. You. What kind of answer are you expecting?”

Surprisingly, this video received 5.9 million views. Nevertheless, our investigation confirmed that it is a doctored video, altering Klopp’s original remarks in a press conference before the first leg against Napoli during the UEFA Champions League last year.

The genuine exchange during that press conference was as follows:

Jurgen Klopp/Liverpool FC Manager (September last year):
“Do you think this city (Napoli) is dangerous?”
“That’s quite a surprising question. It seems like you are trying to create a headline, but I simply can’t comprehend it.”

The voice of the Japanese reporter in the video has been artificially generated by a voice manipulation program, making it clear that the footage has been tampered with.

Our fact-checking team managed to verify nearly 30 to 40 videos with similar manipulations in football interviews on YouTube. These videos often fabricate both questions and subtitles, using voice generator programs for a more believable appearance.

Upon close examination, it becomes apparent that the intention behind these manipulated videos is to incite anti-Japanese and anti-Chinese sentiments to attract more views. Most of the comments on these videos reflect a hostile attitude towards these countries.

Despite numerous individuals being exposed to these fake videos, YouTube, unfortunately, hasn’t taken any action to address the issue.

(Video comment: Kim Hyun sang, video editing: Kim In-seon, CG: Seong Jae-eun)

If you look at some interview videos of famous football players or coaches recently uploaded on YouTube, there are provocative stories that make you wonder if they really said this. Our fact-checking team checked the facts, most of which were doctored videos.

Reporter Lee Kyung-won will tell you.


At the end of last month, when rumors of Lee Kang-in joining Paris Saint-Germain were at their peak, a video like this was uploaded on YouTube.

[(근데 파리에서 당신의 대체자로 이강인?이라는 한국 선수를 대체자로 영입한다는데 메시 선수도 (이강인) 마케팅용이라 생각하죠?) 와우. 중국은 정말 존중이라고는 없는 나라네요.]

3.6 million views.

However, it is a manipulated video with crappy subtitles.

In an interview when Messi visited China for a friendly against Australia last month, the original question was:

[중국 CCTV : 코파 아메리카와 피날리시마, 월드컵 우승, 이 세 가지 타이틀은 당신에게 어떤 의미입니까?]

At the time, Messi replied that it was a special experience.

This time, it’s a video from the press conference of Liverpool FC manager Jurgen Klopp.

[(이번에 소니(손흥민) 선수가 돈만 보고 사우디 리그로 간다고 합니다. 어떻게 생각하시죠? 글롭씨?) 지금 그딴 질문을 나한테 하다니. 당신. 무슨 대답을 원하는데 대체?]

5.9 million views.

Director Klopp gets angry with the Japanese reporter’s rude question, but it is also a doctored video.

In September last year, at the time of the UEFA Champions League, he cleverly changed his comments in a press conference before the first leg against Napoli.

Here are the original questions and answers.

[위르겐 클롭/리버풀 FC 감독 (지난해 9월) : (이 도시(나폴리)가 위험하다고 생각하십니까?) 당황스러운 질문이군요. 기사 헤드라인을 만들고 싶은 모양인데, 도저히 이해가 안 가는군요.]

The Japanese reporter’s question in the video is a fake voice created by a voice generator program.

In fact, the team managed to verify almost 30 to 40 videos of this kind of football interview manipulation on YouTube.

Most of them create fake questions with voice generator programs and distribute them with fake subtitles.

If you look at the content, you can read the intention to increase the number of views by inciting anti-Japanese and anti-Chinese sentiment.

Most of the comments on the actual video are hostile to these countries.

Millions of people have seen the fake video, but YouTube has not acted.

( Video comment: Kim Hyun sang, video editing: Kim In-seon, CG: Seong Jae-eun)

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