Facts About Abel Heart, Writer "Greenlight" Jonas Brother

Facts About Abel Heart, Writer "Greenlight" Jonas Brother
  • After John Legend, Will.i.am. and Kelsea Ballerini, the Jonas Brothers appeared as the fourth batch of acclaimed guest judges on NBC's new program, Songland.
  • Writers gave a song on Tuesday night – Abel Heart, Remmi, Ori, and Rynn-their best, but "Greenlight" Heart has won the brothers, and is becoming the band's brand new series.

    This week's program Songland, the Jonas Brothers came looking for a new single hit and got it.

    "I think the thing we are looking for is something that affects us between the eyes. We know that we can go around the world and play for our fans everywhere we go," Nick Jonas said during the incident.

    The four contestants – Remmi, Abel Heart, Ori, and Rynn-wrote their best tunes, but ultimately the “Greenlight” of Heart was perfect for the band.

    The song is about the wonderful things you do with the person you love – except when they are the head.

    The lyrics go to the chorus: "You say I got the green light / What we do over midnight / Just with me and you / Do not need light / Girl, what I do for your green light / light green. "

    He was described by Ester as a rap-rock song with a turn. She worked with Heart to change it from a track written for an individual artist to a song performed by a group couple at the same level. He also considered and mixed the track.

    "My song is getting the Jonas Brothers but it's very much appreciated Songland I provided for me to work with these wonderful, talented people and for the assurance that I am exactly the same, "said the Heart exclusively with OprahMag.com.


    In this program, viewers received more information about Abel Heart and the special meaning behind his artist's name. "My mother always said, 'You are able to do anything needed from your heart,' So kind of how it came out," he said.

    Before going in love with music, Heart was a skateboard and a snowboarder. During the episode, he showed that he was on the road to the Olympics before he injured his back at 15. After that, he fell into addiction and depression, according to Instagram.

    "Since I was 15 years old, I had difficulties with drugs, addiction and depression, trying to escape from the void I felt inside. Initially, everything seems new and amazing. So I would like to live the lifestyle and defend everything that came with it. In the end, I destroyed all the good things I did and hurt the people I liked most in this world, " it.

    "My only thing to help me now is my music. The biggest thing I speak in my music and show me in my videos."

    Abel Heart credits getting music and his life around him. "It was a hidden blessing because writing was a great play in my recovery," he said during the episode.

    Before he appeared on the show, Heart released his music on Soundcloud. A year ago, he issued a PE named "Drugs," which has been his addiction in the past. In addition, he issued a relaunch of the "Swang." On Rre Sremmurd 2017.

    The moment made Heart "Green Light" for the Brother Jonas, they were stuck.

    "I told him the first time I heard you singing and I say it again, I think you are an artist," said Nick. "That was your first performance and that was fantastic."

    Joe also thought about his brother's attitude, adding, "There is a heart like the song itself. There are some In there Hearts."

    Listen to Jonas Brothers' new "Green Light" on Spotify, Apple Music and other streaming services now.

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