Fagiano Okayama Defeats Jubilo Iwata 2-1 in Intense Battle at City Light Stadium

September 24th 13:00 Kick-off at City Light Stadium

Fagiano Okayama 2-1 Jubilo Iwata

  • First half: 1-1
  • Second half: 1-0


  • 7 minutes: Go Matsubara (Iwata)
  • 37 minutes: Yoshitake Suzuki
  • 76 minutes: Liu Yuchong

Number of attendees: 10,578

Director Takayuki Kiyama’s Thoughts

Following a disappointing loss last week, our team faced a challenging week of training with a singular focus – to unite and secure a victory in today’s game. I must commend both the players who took the field and those who supported from the sidelines for coming together and demonstrating great resilience. The entire squad dedicated themselves until the very end, and those who had the opportunity to play showcased their talents.

Although we had a difficult start, succumbing to the pressure from our opponents and conceding an early goal, we swiftly recovered our momentum in the first half, drawing from the lessons learned in our previous matches. This turnaround proved to be the decisive factor in today’s game.

During the second half, our opponents displayed impressive technical abilities, frequently threatening our goal. However, through resolute defending, strategic substitutions, and the sheer determination of our substitute players, we managed to neutralize their advances. Our players with strength provided the much-needed power, helping us achieve our desired result.

The support from over 10,000 fans today was truly remarkable. As we look ahead to the next game against another formidable opponent, we are eager to embrace this challenge and set our sights on yet another victory.

Player Yoshitake Suzuki’s Remarks

It was an intense battle where we found ourselves in the lead, ultimately culminating in a victorious outcome for our team.

(Regarding the goal) I was pleased that I could contribute by passing the ball to Takahashi and subsequently making a forward movement. Instead of halting after the pass, I remained actively involved right until the goal-scoring opportunity. Although typically positioned as a defensive midfielder in a back four, I was entrusted with a role in the attacking trio on the left side. My intention was to actively participate in creating goals and providing support, and I’m delighted that I could effectively contribute to the team’s overall flow.

Conceding a goal through an intercepted side pass served as a reminder of the importance of sharpening my game approach and defensive skills yet again.

I am determined to approach the remaining games with a winning mentality, regardless of our position in the standings. The electric atmosphere at our home games in Okayama is exhilarating, and I firmly believe that when we perform well, the stadium ambiance only grows stronger. My aim is to consistently play in a manner that uplifts and enhances this positive atmosphere.

September 24th 13:00 Kick-off at City Light Stadium
Fagiano Okayama 2-1 Jubilo Iwata
First half 1-1
Second half 1-0

7 minutes Go Matsubara (Iwata)
37 minutes Yoshitake Suzuki
Liu Yuchong’s 76 points

Number of attendees: 10,578

■Director Takayuki Kiyama
We had a difficult week after losing the last game, but we trained with the sole intention of working together and winning this game. I think the players who played today and the players who were left out of the squad came together as one and had a good week. The members struggled until the end, but the players who came out showed what they had.
We had a difficult start to the game, succumbing to pressure from our opponents and conceding a goal. However, reflecting on what we had learned in the previous game and so far, we managed to recover our play quickly and catch up in the first half, which was the biggest factor in the game.
In the second half, we often found ourselves in front of the goal due to the technical ability of the opponent and the power of substitute players, but we defended tenaciously, made substitutions, and our players with power gave us their power, so he was able to achieve what they were aiming for.
It was great to have over 10,000 people come and support us today. The next game will be another tough opponent, but we want to challenge ourselves and aim to win.

■Yoshitake Suzuki
It was a tough battle where we were ahead, but the best thing was that our team won.
(About the goal) I was glad that I was able to pass the ball to Takahashi and then move, and instead of passing the ball and stopping, I was able to participate all the way to the front of the goal. He is not a midfielder in a back four, but on the left side of a back three, so he was asked to take part in the attack. I wanted to participate in goals and support, so I’m glad I was able to participate in the flow.
It’s a difficult game when we get the first goal, and the only goal we conceded was when a side pass was intercepted. I want to tighten my game access and defense once again.
I want to prepare to win all the remaining games, regardless of the position. The atmosphere at home games in Okayama is great, and when we play well, the atmosphere in the stadium gets better. I want to play in a way that brings out that good vibe.

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