Fagiano Okayama Suffers Crushing 0-5 Defeat to JEF United Chiba

Complete Defeat for Fagiano Okayama Against JEF United Chiba

October 1st, City Light Stadium – Kick-off at 14:00

Fagiano Okayama suffered a devastating loss against JEF United Chiba, with a final score of 0-5. The first half proved to be particularly challenging for Okayama, as they fell behind 0-3. The second half did not fare any better, with Okayama conceding two more goals.

  • 4 minutes: Mendez (Chiba)
  • 20 minutes: Dudu (Chiba)
  • 31 minutes: Daisho Goya (Chiba)
  • 49 minutes: Daisho Goya (Chiba)
  • 68 minutes: Hien Komori (Chiba)

The match witnessed a disappointing attendance of 9,463 supporters.

Director Takayuki Kiyama – A Result of Complete Failure

Director Takayuki Kiyama expressed his disappointment with the team’s performance, branding the result as a complete failure. Kiyama highlighted the early concession of a goal from a corner kick, which set a discouraging tone for Okayama. As the team aimed to pick up momentum, they succumbed to the relentless pressure applied by JEF United Chiba, leading to the second goal.

However, the most distressing moment for Kiyama was the third goal. Okayama faced an obstruction from their opponents during the build-up, resulting in a penalty against them. Kiyama acknowledged the challenging circumstances the team faced during the game.

In the second half, Okayama sought to regroup and alter their strategy in order to score a goal. Unfortunately, the fourth goal proved to be a turning point, exposing a gap that JEF United Chiba expertly exploited, leading to another goal. Okayama found themselves overpowered by the opponent’s attack, resulting in a comprehensive defeat.

Despite being down to ten players, Okayama displayed resilience and fought to salvage at least one point from the match. Regrettably, they ended up with a complete defeat.

Kiyama emphasized that the team cannot simply give up and must continue to compete in their remaining games. Drawing inspiration from this defeat, he expressed his determination to strive for a place in the top six.

Ikutaka Yanagi – Accepting the Total Defeat

Ikutaka Yanagi, clearly disappointed with the outcome, acknowledged the superiority of JEF United Chiba. He recognized that Okayama had shortcomings and gaps that were exploited effectively by the opposition.

Reflecting on the match, Yanagi regretted the early goals conceded, particularly from set pieces. While Okayama had previously managed to score from such situations, their confidence was shook when they allowed three goals in the first half of this game.

However, Yanagi emphasized the need for the team to accept this result, believe in their abilities, and continue to compete in their remaining five games. He urged everyone to move forward, with a steadfast determination to secure victory regardless of the opponent they face.

Although today’s defeat was disheartening, Okayama will use it as a learning experience, carefully analyzing their performance and making necessary improvements to emerge triumphant in the future.

October 1st 14:00 Kick-off at City Light Stadium
Fagiano Okayama 0-5 JEF United Chiba
First half 0-3
2nd half 0-2

4 minutes Mendez (Chiba)
20 minutes Dudu (Chiba)
31 minutes Daisho Goya (Chiba)
49 minutes Daisho Goya (Chiba)
68 minutes Hien Komori (Chiba)

Number of attendees: 9,463

■Director Takayuki Kiyama
The result was complete failure. It was painful for us to concede a goal on a corner kick in the opening minutes, but just as we wanted to pick up our pace, we succumbed to the opposition’s pressure and conceded our second goal. The third point was the most painful. We were blocked in the build-up by our opponents and the ball fell behind us, so the penalty had to be awarded, and the game went very hard.
In the second half, we cleared our heads and changed our approach to try and score one goal, but in the situation where we conceded the fourth goal, we had to force ourselves to do that, and a gap appeared, and we were exploited and conceded the aim. In terms of goals conceded, the opponent’s attack completely overwhelmed them, resulting in a complete defeat. After we were down by one player, we persevered and persevered with the hope that we could get even just one point, but the game ended in complete defeat.
However, it would be a waste to bow out and play the rest of the games. I want to fight hard and do my best to slide into the top six.

■Ikutaka Yanagi
Total defeat. The opponent has outperformed us in all our gaps and weaknesses. I have no choice but to accept this result.
We had to get rid of the goals we conceded early on, and we were easily conceded from set pieces, but in the previous game we were able to score from there. We tried to play with that confidence, but it became difficult when we conceded three goals in the first half. I have no choice but to reflect and accept it.
I spoke to everyone and said, “We have no choice but to accept this result, believe in what we did, and play the other five games. Let’s move on.”
We have no choice but to win no matter who our opponent is. Although we lost today, we will reflect on this and then look forward and prepare well to win.

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