Failed super talent, Manchester United’s way out has been opened…’Palace is being negotiated’

[인터풋볼] Reporter Park Ji-won = Can Manchester United’s Donnie van der Beek make a comeback?

The British public broadcaster ‘BBC’ reported on the 26th (Korean time), “Crystal Palace is interested in signing a loan contract with Manchester United’s van der Beek until the end of the season. Both sides are discussing it and he is open to leaving for Selhurst Park.”

European football expert Fabricio Romano also said: “Tonight, the Palace has submitted a loan contract. He is currently negotiating with Manchester United. Other clubs are also interested, and United want a place that pays 100% of their wages without a full transfer clause.”

Van der Wiek was rated as a Dutch talent. He possesses strengths in several aspects, such as multiplicity that can play anywhere in the midfield, diligent activity, passing, match coordination, and off-the-ball. As a result, he was called up to the Dutch national team early in 2017.

It was the 2018-19 season of the UEFA Champions League (UCL) that became known in earnest. At that time, Ajax had a blast in the quarter-finals, but van der Beek was one of the key players. Appeared in 12 games, scoring 3 goals and assisting with 2 assists.

As a result, love calls from big clubs flooded in. Real Madrid also wanted, but due to financial problems, they gave up, and Manchester United paid 39 million euros (about 53 billion won) and succeeded in embracing them. There was a lot of anticipation as to how it would be used.

But van der Beek was only a bridesmaid. In particular, his record of appearances in the English Premier League (EPL) was low, with only 511 minutes in 19 matches last season. Most of them were substitutions at the end of the second half. This season, he has only played 68 minutes in eight games.

In the end, both the players and the club seem to have agreed to part ways for a while. With the January transfer window coming to an end, Palace of the same league made an official offer. Manchester United did not refuse to talk, and it is known that they are reviewing the details of the contract through the meeting.

The players are also open to going to the Palace. The 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar this year, and van der Beek is eager to return to the national team. For this, regular participation is essential. In a few days, his future is decided.

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