Home Health Failing to control seizures even if you take 5 or more medications…A hope for intractable epilepsy?

Failing to control seizures even if you take 5 or more medications…A hope for intractable epilepsy?

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UCB Korea emphasized the urgency of introducing a new anticonvulsant option through epilepsy research results published in Korea..

3Epilepsy, one of the major cerebral diseases, is a disease in which seizures occur repeatedly through various causes and complex onset processes..

Seizures, the main symptom, occur suddenly when brain cells in a specific brain region are temporarily overexcited or have weakened inhibition, which causes the balance and loss of control..

The incidence and prevalence of epilepsy patients in Korea have recently been 8steadily increased over the years. Epidemiology Committee of the Korean Epilepsy Society 2009from year 2017According to the results of analysis of national health insurance data up to, The incidence of epilepsy in Korea is 2009year 10per ten thousand 28.7from people 2017year 10per ten thousand 35.4increased to people.

An important point is that among epilepsy patients, the proportion of patients who do not see the effect of conventional drug treatment is high..

Epilepsy can control seizures with anticonvulsants. But 2seizures not controlled by more than one drug drug refractory epilepsyThere is this, and the number of patients with epilepsy in Korea 30% This corresponds to about.

Professor Seo Dae-won of Samsung Medical Center, who conducted the investigation, More than half of the experts surveyed(54.5%)The addition of a new anticonvulsant drug to patients with drug-refractory epilepsy could help control seizures.as 5When adding a drug to patients who have failed treatment despite taking more than one drug, the mechanism of action of the drug is considered first., This suggests that active introduction of new anticonvulsants is necessary for patients with drug-refractory epilepsy.said.

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