Failure is not an option (

Capitalism has no problems. There are at most some in it.

Anyone who wants to criticize capitalism today must use sophisticated lines of reasoning to justify demands for changes in the economic system. The critics of socialism, on the other hand, often have a single word: "Venezuela", "Cuba", "North Korea" or "GDR". That should be enough, as these countries' names stand for the fact that "socialism has always failed," said British economic historian Niall Ferguson. The logic behind it: Socialism is bad because it goes under, and it goes down because it's bad.

The fact that socialism fails on its own, but the NATO countries have never wanted to leave. For decades, therefore, they have invested a tremendous amount of effort in supporting this failure through money, wars, sanctions, threats and promises. It is indisputable that the Soviet Union had to be counterattacked in order to come to an end and that it has given US President Ronald Reagan the rank of national hero. The fact that the Eastern bloc did not stand up to this confrontation is today considered as proof that it had to fail, which one has always known.

The question remains: If individual countries stand for the failure of socialism, why does no country stand for the failure of capitalism? He produces misery, war and environmental destruction, as well as a series of failed states. But from the perspective of his fans capitalism can not fail, against fundamental criticism they have immunized him with four beliefs.

First, if socialism goes down because it is bad, and it is bad because it goes under, then it follows that capitalism is good because it is still there, and it is still there because it is good. Second, while misery and want in socialism are attributable to the system and therefore unavoidable, in capitalism they are the result of wrong policies and therefore preventable. A mixture is the People's Republic of China, where all successes are due to capitalism and all failures belong to the remnants of the old system, which therefore eliminated.

Thirdly, it is not just the mistakes of politicians that lead to poverty and misery in capitalism, but often individuals are to blame because they are underachieving (unemployed), greedy (bankers), unscrupulous (managers) or too many (overpopulation). Sometimes it's also the weather (drought, high tide).

In short: hunger, hardship, climate change are never problems of Capitalism but always problems in the Capitalism, which only awaits its solution. And who does not believe that, fourthly said that capitalism is no alternative anyway. After all, "socialism has always failed". Stephan Kaufmann


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