Failure to meet the target. The Ministry of Public Health receives 100 million doses of the “Covid Vaccine” within 5 December.

Dr. Kiattipoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Public Health Discuss the goal of preventive vaccination.Covid-19 to complete 100 million doses by Dec. 5, that is now the amount of injectionscovid vaccineIn Thailand, the cumulative amount is more than 94 million doses. It is predicted that tomorrow it will be injected up to 95 million doses, which is less than 100 million doses, although it does not reach the target. But it is considered a very high number.

As for the news that there will be a meeting to claim rights compulsory vaccination cases Permanent Secretary said that there must be an understanding Confirm that vaccination is not compulsory. is also voluntary But ask everyone to come and get it to make it safe for yourself and those around you.

Did not meet the target, the Ministry of Health received injections.

Dr. Kiattipoom He also said that Thailand has a multiplatform vaccine. Therefore, vaccination in each service can increase the choice for people. can choose to receive vaccines according to the appropriateness of the vaccines available

Did not meet the target, the Ministry of Health received injections.



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