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“Fairy Beast”, the last work of “Apiek Phisan”

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“Fairy Beast”, the last work of “Apiek Phisan”
“Jackie Shakeline – Mac Pavich” puts the best to prove his skill!

Channel 3 prepares to bring the evening drama “Fairy of the Beast” onto the screen for fans to smile until they have to sit and massage their cheeks for sure! Performances by mother Nong Bong, “Jackie Chachaleen”, coupled with the young “Mac Pawich Wiangnon”, a pair of monks-nangs. Creative works from Akaraphon Productions Which is the final title creation of the organizer “Apiek Phisan Akkraseranee” directed by “Theeradej Saphanyu” along with other actors such as Kong Huai Rai, Sarunchat Mitchai, Sira Dr. Rat, Nichakan Sukchitsamran, Rachaneekorn Punmanee, Piya Trakulrat, Nat Phuwanai and Suda Chuenban

Jackie Shakeline spoke about the role and feelings of the drama. “In the role of
Darika, high school graduate, good status, was raised like a child. My father is a billionaire and a businessman. Darika is a classy person, but is a person who refuses to accept people, if they are taken advantage of, they will fight with all their heart. Most of the protagonists will be attacked, right? In this story, the protagonist will be done purely. The demon angel is the protagonist. When we found out that this drama would be airing, we were very glad that we could see our own work. The concern is that the fans Will he like it? But Jackie thought the audience would understand. But Jackie is confident that it’s fun. I want fans to open up to watch. Besides, it’s the last drama of Mr. Apiak Phisan. We also want the drama to be aired. I would be happy. Jackie himself was delighted.”

Mac Pawich said, “This story plays the role of Mek, a fisherman who was tricked by his wife to take money. We give to pay the installments of the boat. But he didn’t pay for it, and in the end, the boat was confiscated. then we regret want to return the boat Go find the person who seized the ship is the heroine’s father. He doesn’t negotiate. we don’t know what to do So we took his daughter to live with us as a hostage. And the story will happen since we meet the heroine. The filming was very fun. The story of the demon fairy is very tight and diverse, I try to do something new. from this a lot I’m very thankful to ah, he’s always teaching me. say and miss ah
I’m glad the drama will be on air. In any case, it’s an encouragement to me and everyone.”

“Fairy of Beasts” is the story of a saltwater-loving young man, Mek (Mac Pawich Wiangnon), who lives with the sea. but had to be in shambles only overnight because he had been deceived until he was exhausted, lost his future, causing a fire Until there is a reason to have to arrest Darika (Jackie Shakeline), a beautiful, wealthy, wealthy child. He and she met accidentally. Mek reluctantly captures Darika in order to negotiate his boat at Pakorn (Nat Phuwanai), Darika’s father, a billionaire businessman. Confiscated due to lack of payment for installments After being together for a long time, good deeds begin to turn the beautiful girl’s anger and hate into love.

Fans can prepare to wash their eyes and wait. Let me tell you that the roles of both of them in this story are fun, cool, spicy, plus definitely mixed with tears. Ready to broadcast to watch every Monday – Friday at 19.00-20.00, starting on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 on Channel 3, press 33. Follow live and retrospective on CH3Plus.


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