[“Fake Girl Group” Film Review]|| The leader Anson Lo becomes a charm!No matter how far the dream is, it makes sense to do it seriously

[“Fake Girl Group” Film Review]|| The leader Anson Lo becomes a charm!No matter how far the dream is, it makes sense to do it seriously

Written by: Effie Ivy

Anson Lo becomes a charming female group bravely enters the big screen

I believe there are many audiences who are attracted by the “teacher” Anson Lo Lu Hanting and enter the show to enjoy “Fake Girl Group” (I heard that many fans have watched it a few times), and “Fake Girl Group” made its debut as Anson Lo. His debut work is indeed a surprise! He is not only responsible for the charm in the play, but also has the dancing, singing, and martial arts scenes. He even has the “Show muscle” plot that makes the fans the most “hearted”, which can definitely satisfy the fans. Even if you are not a “god disciple”, you may be fancied after watching “Fake Girl Group”, because you can see that he paid for the movie and all the action scenes are done in person. Of course, many of Anson Lo’s most horrendous dance skills are all. It’s worth seeing!

Trailer of “Fake Girl Group”

Anson Lo絕對是戲中的魅力擔當,跳舞、唱歌、武打場面都有齊,連令粉絲最「心心眼」的「Show肌」情節都有,絕對可以滿足粉絲 (圖片來源: 《假冒女團》電影劇照)

The leader Anson Lo is definitely responsible for the charm of the play. There are dancing, singing, and martial arts scenes, and even the “Show muscle” plot that makes fans the most “hearted”. It can definitely satisfy fans (Image source: “Fake Girl Group” 》Movie stills)

Dr.K (played by Tan Yaowen), a member of the International Association for the Physical and Mental Health Development of Underage Boys and Girls, suspects that Situ Boss (played by Lin Min Cong)’s talent show “Rising Star Production Line” uses young people’s dream-seeking psychology to squeeze and extort extortion, causing serious harm to a large number of people The teenager developed physically and mentally, so he wanted to get involved in the competition investigation. However, he pretended to be a girl and could not join the team, so he asked Lei Bauhinia (played by Lu Hanting) to assist in the investigation. Lei Bauhinia needs to work with entertainment reporter Xia Kui (Su Haoer), nine-line singer Bai Baihe (Li Jingyi), “Rising Star Production Line” intern Yuan Xuan (Chen Zixuan), and Yuan Ying, who wants to persuade her cousin Yuan Xuan to terminate her contract. Li Xinfan) formed a women’s team to compete. Five people competed for five different reasons…

Easy and lively rhythm Lin Mincong has a bright humor

Although the plot of “Fake Girl Group” tends to be simple, most of the development of the story is expected. In addition, the plot of Anson Lo dressed as a girl and mixed into the girl group is really unreasonable (but I have to praise Anson Lo’s women’s style is really better than Girls should be beautiful). Fortunately, the film is fast-paced. The 92-minute length of the film does not make people feel procrastinated. The layout is also very average. There is no anticlimactic, making the film reach the upper level. Some small highlights in the movie also add a lot of points to the whole drama, especially Lin Mincong, who plays the boss of an entertainment company. He seriously wants to sink young people’s dreams and squeeze young people to bankruptcy, with a little funny and humor. It’s not too dark, it’s the hero who sets the tone for the movie. There is no serious investigation process, but serious performances; no great dreams, but ordinary and sincere feelings; “Fake Girls” is not a big production, but it is a relaxed set, and it will make you feel after watching it. A contented sketch.

沒有很偉大的夢想,但有平凡而真摯的感受;《假冒女團》不是一套甚麼大製作,但它是套輕鬆、看完會令人滿足的小品 (圖片來源: 《假冒女團》電影劇照)

I don’t have a great dream, but I have ordinary and sincere feelings; “The Fake Girl Group” is not a big production, but it is a set of easy and satisfying sketches (Image source: “Fake Girl Group” movie (Stills)

From a girl group to a fake girl group to see the growth of Li Jingyi Heidi

With the title of “Girls Group”, Heidi (李静仪) from Super Girls, Chloe (苏皓儿) from As One, and Chen Weixuan from “Booming” were also very interesting. Super Girls and As One are also female groups with memory points in the history of Hong Kong music. This time, Heidi played the role of female one for the first time in 11 years. As a member of a girl group, Bai Baili’s calmness in the group may not only be about the role setting, but also the experience accumulated by Heidi since his debut. It has grown a lot from Heidi and the “Yellow River” in the TV series that he had seen in SG before.

Heidi入行11年來首度擔演女一,白百合在團中的沉穩可能不只是角色設定,也是Heidi出道而來累積回來的經歷 (圖片來源: 《假冒女團》電影劇照)]

Heidi played the first female role for the first time in 11 years in the industry. Bai Baili’s calmness in the group may not only be the role setting, but also the accumulated experience of Heidi since his debut (Source: “Fake Girl Group” movie stills)]

No matter how far the dream is, it makes sense to do it seriously

Dreams are not too much written in the play, but there is no doubt that in addition to hard work, there is a lot of price to pay for dreams. The boss of Situ in the play asked Rising Star production line interns to purchase the company’s courses, and the Tai advertisers became the sponsors of the competition. The director asked Lei Bauhinia and Bai Baihe to pay 120,000 each to qualify for the competition. Onlookers might think this It’s a black-box homework, and an intern like Yuan Xuan is ignorant and cheap, but how can one dream without paying the price? Even if it is not as exaggerated as the plot in the play, is it not a sacrifice to give up high-paying jobs, rest time, and time with family and friends for the sake of dreams? Chasing a dream is never easy, and the process is always difficult. Even if you catch it, you may not be happy. You may taste ideals and reality. Only in the process of chasing dreams, when you do it seriously, you will set aside your own life. The new definition, this is the most beautiful thing. Therefore, it makes sense to be serious.


Movie details

“Fake Girls Group” (Showbiz Spy)

Rating: 7/10 points

Duration: 92 minutes

Screening platform: all theaters


“Fake Girls” official movie poster

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