‘Fake luxury’ YouTuber Song Jia suspended activities… ‘Sorry for damaging brand value, regret and reflection’

“When many people love you, you should have cared for yourself and looked back, please stop criticizing your family.”

YouTuber Song Jia (Freesia) posted an apology video on her YouTube channel. Youtube Channel Freesia Capture

Beauty creator Song Ji-ah (active name: Freesia) apologized for the controversy over wearing ‘fake luxury goods’ and announced the suspension of activities.

On the 25th, Song Jia uploaded an apology video titled ‘I’m Song Jia’ on her YouTube channel ‘Free Jia’ and said, “First of all, I’m sorry for the delay in the apology video. And I’m sorry for causing concern to many people.”

He continued, “I admit to the recent controversy over wearing fakes and everything is my fault. do,” he said.

As for the reason for purchasing the fake, Song Jia said, “At first I bought it because it was pretty. Then, I was loved by many people, and I fell in love with it more and more and couldn’t come to my senses.”

He continued, “I regret now, and when I think of the past me, I think it’s really pathetic. Looking back, I should have strengthened my inner self and looked back a little more when many people loved me, but I couldn’t and I focused on Song Jia. I regret and reflect.” He added.

Song Jia said, “After the recent controversy over fake products, I reflect on your advice and rebuke every day, realizing my shortcomings, and living with regret and reflection. Yes. Everything is my fault, so please stop blaming my family.”

To his subscribers, he said, “I want to let you know that I am sincere towards Fringi (subscribers) from the beginning of YouTube.”

On this day, Song Jia said, “I will have a private time to reflect on all the channels I run. I will take responsibility for my mistakes until the end.”

Previously, Song Jia was suspected of wearing fake clothes and accessories made after luxury brands in Netflix’s original entertainment show ‘Solo Hell’ and YouTube videos in which she appeared.

In response, Song Jia posted a handwritten apology on Instagram on the 17th and said, “I apologize for all the circumstances that occurred due to the designers’ infringement of their creative works and their ignorance of copyright. I will take it seriously and reflect deeply on the things that have been done,” he said.

Currently, all posts except for the apology video and apology have been deleted or processed privately on Song Jia’s personal YouTube channel ‘Free Jia’ and Instagram.



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