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Fake news… Ram Technology’s stock price fluctuates | Hankyung.com

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“World’s first technology ahead of Japan”
Distributing press releases by individuals impersonating the company
Some reporters reported… stock price surge
Falsely known and plummeted -16%

RAM Technology(7,410 -16.65%)The news that the company developed the world’s first technology for simultaneous production of ultrapure gas and liquid hydrogen fluoride turned out to be false. As this article was reported as a press release sent by an individual impersonating Ram Technology, the stock price of Ram Technology recorded an upper limit for two days in a row, and then plummeted after the truth was revealed.

On the 23rd, Ram Technology closed at 7,410 won, down 16.65%. At one point on that day, the price recorded a high, and then plummeted in the afternoon. RAM Technology closed the market on the 22nd when it hit the upper limit.

Ram Technology’s stock price fluctuated because of a fake press release. The day before, an individual who pretended to be Ram Technology distributed a fake press release stating that Ram Technology developed a technology that was more advanced than Japan’s hydrogen fluoride technology and completed a 24-hour fully automatic facility through multiple reporters’ emails. As multiple reporters reported this, the stock price rose from 6,800 won to 11,550 won on the morning of the 23rd.

However, this turned out not to be true. An individual impersonating Ram Technology wrote a fake press release with false facts based on the registered patent. In an official statement on the 23rd, Ram Technology said, “It appears that an individual who pretended to be Ram Technology distributed a fake press release with the title ‘Ultra-Purity Hydrogen Fluoride Technology Development’. Although it is true that the domestic patent for ‘method and device’ was registered, it is not true that it developed the world’s best technology for simultaneous gas and liquid hydrogen fluoride production. We are aiming for a concentration of less than 1 ppt.” When this information was revealed, the stock price, which had risen to the upper limit, began to plummet.

Ram Technology is investigating the circumstances of the distribution of false press releases. Ram Technology added, “Even though it is not written by our company, it is currently being published as if the company has announced an official position on patent registration, so the stock price is being affected.”

Reporter Seulgi Lee [email protected]

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