Falling while trying to escape from a villa on the 7th floor… A mysterious ‘real estate dormitory’

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A man in his 20s fell from the 7th floor of a villa in Seoul and has not been conscious for two days.

Several young men in their 20s and 30s were camped in the villa house on the 7th floor, where the man fell, and the police are investigating the man who was captured here as he fell while trying to escape.

Reporter Jeong Hye-in reported.

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A man is lying in an alley in a residential area.

A man in short sleeves and shorts approaches from the villa building.

However, for over a minute, they do nothing and just walk around and look around with their hands in their pockets.

When a passerby who witnessed the accident takes out his phone, he leans towards the man who has collapsed, but he is caught taking something out of his hand rather than giving first aid.

After returning to the villa with the stolen items, CPR begins, and the other party brings a blanket.

At around 10:00 am on the 9th of last week, a man in his 20s fell from the 7th floor of a villa in Seoul, and he is still unconscious.

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“When we arrived at the scene, our paramedics treated him, but he must have been unconscious.”

The man who fell and the men who hung around all lived together on the 7th floor of the villa.

7-8 people in their 20s and 30s did real estate publicity work, such as handing out sale flyers, and one child lived with them.

[인근 주민]

“I’ve been causing trouble for almost three years, fighting and threatening to fight… As you can see, we reported a lot.”

The man who fell was found to have left this house a few days ago and was arrested again in the early morning of the day of the accident.

Police believe the man suffered defecation while trying to escape from the dormitory.

However, the group I lived with insists that they “jumped on their own”.

The police have applied for an arrest warrant for four men who lived in a mysterious dormitory and are investigating the circumstances of the incident.

This is Hyein Jeong from MBC News.

Video coverage: Lee Ji-ho / Video editing: Jo Min-woo

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