Families are seriously searching for Riley Crossman, former West Virginia missing

Riley Crossman is a trusted teenager, according to her mother Chantel Oakley. So when Chantel wasn't feeling good last Tuesday and decided to make the stairs before an evening shift at work, she knew that she could rely on Riley to awaken her when she came home from school.

“And when she came home, she woke me up. She said, sé It's 3:30, wake up, 'and I said agat Thank you, babe,' 'Chantel said with Dateline. “Riley said,“ There is no problem. “She was usually acting. She went towards her room and got ready for work. ”

After Chantel go to work, follow Riley 15 years old age as usual. Her maternal grandmother in the house until about 7:00 p.m., Chantel said, and Riley stayed in her house Berkeley Springs, West Virginia every evening.

“I got home from work around 10:00 p.m. Her door was closed, so according to all the accounts she had in her room, but I didn't see her really, ”Chantel said with Dateline.

Riley Crossman

Riley's boy later told the family that he was on a video call with her until about 10:30 that night. Another friend said she was texting Riley until almost midnight. The family says that phone records show that a Riley phone was then inactive until about 5:40 a.m. Her husband, who was asleep at the time, lost the call.

When Chantel woke up shortly after 7:15 pm, Riley was no longer in his room. But, as family friend Kelly Waugh said with Dateline, "it's not very unusual."

“Riley walks across the street to school,” said Kelly with Dateline. “And her school starts at 7:45 a.m. so it usually leaves 7:15 a.m. And her husband was going on a field trip that day, so it wasn't unusual that she went over early to tell him before he left the field trip. ”

No red flags were made on the day. But when Riley's grandmother's mother told Chantel that Riley didn't get home from school with her normal time, Chantel began to send her daughter a message to see where she was.

“At 3:30 I called her and said,‘ Where are you? I attended the second and delivered the message, ”Chantel said with Dateline. Then she gave him a Riley mobile phone; he went to voicemail. The second text was also not delivered.

Riley Crossman

Chantel thought that maybe a dance was practiced at Riley after school and that he forgot to mention it, so she asked her mother to walk across the street to Berkeley High School to get to out if Riley was there.

Riley was not in school. Chantel told your Dateline that she left the work around 5:00 a day. and drove to school to seek Riley. When she pulled in, Riley's boyfriend was in the car park, having returned to his field trip.

“He didn't talk to her all day since he was on the field trip,” Chantel said. After checking some other areas, Chantel went home to find out if Riley had arrived. “I went upstairs and walked in her room and she wasn't there. I was crazy and scared because, at that point, nobody heard from her. Then I got the call from the school saying it was marked absent. ”

When he heard that Riley was not in school, Chantel said that she called on 911 immediately to report her missing daughter. After calling 911, Chantel rang Riley's father, Lance Crossman, who lives about 25 minutes.

“I was in work – we had a prize feast,” said Lance with Dateline. It was very similar to something. So when Chantel asked, I didn't ignore the first call – not because I was unhappy, but I realized I would call her after the banquet. But she asked again immediately, and she never does that, ”said Lance. “So I apologized and accepted it. The first thing she said, “Riley's missing.” I automatically got into my car and drove me to Berkeley Springs. ”

Lance told your Dateline that he tried to stay calm while driving around the small town.

“At that time I thought I had to go to the park and get it,” he said. “But calls and texts have not been made. I sent a message to her saying, iley Riley, I do not know what's going on, but the police were called and this is becoming serious. I must call me now. '”

Riley Crossman

Lance said he had asked teenagers around town if they had seen Riley. One person reported seeing her walking nearby, but the family said the scene was not verified. Meanwhile, members of Sheriff Morgan's Office came to Chantel's house and began to investigate.

“It was frantic afterwards. From then up to now – it's non-specific, ”said Lance with Dateline. “We have a number of voluntary searches that we have organized. We had many areas of search on the ground. The worst thing ever happened to us is any. No one is sleeping or eating very well, ”he continued. “We have a good support system and community support. But it was terrible. ”

None of Riley's accounts were active from Wednesday morning, 8 May when she tried to contact her boyfriend via Facebook Messenger. It is unclear whether the police were able to track where Riley phone was when she sent those messages. Riley's family friend, Kelly, told Dateline that Amber Alert was not issued because there was no definite authority for the abduction and there was no return on vehicles.

The County Sheriff Office of Morgan did not respond to a Dateline request to give an opinion on Monday evenings.

Riley's parents said her husband and family were helping to find Riley from 7:00 to midnight from day one to midnight.

“It's a good child. Riley is pulling her grades up since she was with him, ”said Lance with Dateline. “It's nice to do this. I know that this is the first place people who suspect usually look for, but this is not the case here. ”

Riley Crossman

Riley Chantel's mother with Dateline said that Riley still hasn't got her learner permission and that she had no access to a car. She argues that her daughter has not gone away.

“That's why I start checking things straight away, because she wouldn't run away,” Chantel said. “She loves us. She wouldn't want us to be disturbed. ”

Riley's father, Lance, told Dateline, “She wouldn't just run. She never hurt anyone in her life. She is very gentle. ”

The Riley family are worried that their daughter has been kidnapped.

“No matter where you live – California, Texas, Canada – look out for it,” said Lance. “We are afraid she could be very far away at this point. She could be anywhere in the United States – or the continent. We don't know. Please take care of the second. This is our child. ”

On Mother's Day, the Sheriff of the County of Morgan's Office indicated that their thoughts are with the Riley family.

“Keep prayer today in your heart today for Riley Crossman and her family,” read the post.

According to Monday's press release, the FBI, State Police of West Virginia and other multi-agencies have entered the search for Riley.

“The investigative effort to find Riley Crossman continues to find his sixth day. The biggest attempt has been made by Law Enforcement in its cancellation, ”he released reading. “The search and investigation continued indefinitely and hundreds of hours have passed.

The release also said police are planning a “big coordinated search” for Wednesday, May 15th. Volunteers are asked to meet near the Emergency Services Office at 9:00 pm in the old War Memorial Park. Riley High School asked the student body to support the search efforts.

“Riley is one of our own,” read in a Facebook post from the school account. “Throw blue and gold on Monday as a support from the BSHS community as you try to get their house safely.” T

It is said that Riley Crossman is 5 or 6 ”high and 125 lb. with blue eyes and blond hair. The Riley family encourages the public to look at girls with all the hair colors, as they believe that Riley may have been abducted and that she may have been forced to change her appearance. If you have any information about the circumstances surrounding Riley's cancellation, call Sheriff Morgan County's Office at 304-258-1067.

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