Famous airline drama! The doctor talks about his experience of a famous airline serving ‘Unequal’

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Famous airline drama! The doctor talks about his experience of a famous airline serving ‘Unequal’ Choose to serve westerners only Ignore Thai people even on tickets ‘Business Class – Gold Card’ is the same.

On March 26, a doctor posted about the service of a famous Thai airline flying from Paris to Suvarnabhumi. Claiming that the airline provides more services to farangs than Thais, even though they bought business class tickets and their card status is a gold card like that farang. The details are as follows.

I have a story to tell. I thought for a while whether it was worth telling me or not. I assumed that I was “negative for construction”.

xxxx took me back to Bangkok safely yesterday morning Flight xxxx from Paris to Suvarnabhumi Airport. almost half an hour earlier Given that the captain made good time, I admire him.

But service in business class Overall, it’s still not right. Stumbled from the start It seems that Khun Air, which provides service in my seat zone, only goes directly to the foreigner sitting behind me. By running the service for almost 10 minutes, I can ask for anything, a hot towel, peanuts, Perrier mineral water, tomato juice, Tabasco sauce, while I haven’t received any drinks yet. She really ran and served this passenger all by herself.

until I started to wonder so called Khun Air Ask at the same time in 3 languages: Thai, English, French.

“Excuse me!” “Excuse me!” “Excuse me!”

And I asked her about the general issue. Why did she give me a service to avoid my hair? I got my seat first. I paid for the plane ticket. What is the difference?

She replied that this traveler was a golden traveler!

Oh, what a lovely answer…

I’m also a “Gold Card” passenger (Jay!) Look, look, and then I gave the ticket showing my gold card status to Khun Ayre… He was shocked!

And now, is there anything else to fix this? That this traveler already has, I don’t? I have a French passport, and a Belgian one.

ok! I can speak French, along with 3 other languages: English, Greek, Russian Come on, why did you skip my seat? Or because I speak Thai? Can you please explain? so I can do it right Do I have to buy a coupon before receiving the service? If Yes/Yes/Oui Where to buy this coupon?

As I opened the cards, she was restless, and at this time, the head of the crew, who witnessed the incident, hurriedly walked over. And I transformed from “you” to “you”, that is, a look of value immediately …

I told Mr Purser that I was sorry I was Thai, flying xxxx and being ignored.

If xxxx serves everyone equally Everyone gets the same. At the same time, the service is slow and slow. The service is quick and fast. I can accept this. But providing services that represent comparisons because of race or identity Here, I cannot accept because it Discriminates.

When the crew chief apologized for a million and eight reasons Events that follow It’s back to normal, that is, I received the service too. Like other passengers in business class

FC has seen that I have traveled all over the world. mostly in business class Have flown thousands of flights with many airlines. I hardly ever complain about airline service.

But I’m sorry xxxx who should take care of the Thai people who are passengers on the plane too, or because you’re Thai, that is, whatever it is, he won’t be angry with me. I will forget

Why? and when? in xxxx flight service for Thai passengers So will there be a change?

I believe that Thai Travelers who have been hit like me on other routes when an apology has been received I will forgive you. but we will never forget please As xxxx’s slogan is “xxxx”, but don’t forget that xxxx should love every traveler as “equal” also

There is one more compliment, namely that my luggage came out very quickly according to the Priority system of all business class passengers. Without choosing the language or the face of the owner of the bag

Because of love, so complaining. I want xxxx to focus on improving service with Thai passengers. can recover quickly and be loved by many Thai people who are willing to pay more and choose to fly with xxxx

Here are the pictures of this flight and in the next 5 days I will fly xxxx again back to Paris and I will share my feedback with you again. Although I was a little frustrated with the flight service, overall from AZ it was fine. with getting home sooner

PS Thai frozen food served on board (Fried rice with green curry paste, fried chicken, salted egg) The most delicious. On this flight Thai food (Green Curry) On business floor xxxx Catering from the kitchen in Paris. Not passed too hard, very salty, beautiful but the picture didn’t smell like a good kiss.

Thanks for reading and sharing experiences.
However, I am already hugging my mother at home. Happy already 😇

Hello all my CC from Thailand.

xxxx Dr
Bangkok Kingdom of Thailand

While many page members share their negative experiences from the airline as well.