Famous comedians who are doing well, they all exploded when they released photos of their past ‘training days’

In the past, there is a celebrity who has attracted attention by revealing photos from when he was a freshman. This is comedian Kim Yong-myung.

Below is comedian Kim Yong-myung’s Instagram

Kim Yong-myung posted a photo on his Instagram on the 2nd with the words “When I was a trainee”.

In the published photo, Kim Yong-myeong, who is estimated to be in his 20s, is wearing a suit and posing.

He captivated the attention with a sparse hairstyle and boasting a youthful charm. In particular, the white-processed face and photographic material that can feel the emotions of the time caught attention.

In addition, he attracted attention by showing off his unchanging visuals with the same features as now. Then, a shy smile and moist eyes provoked laughter.

Social media users who saw the photo responded with laughter.

SNS users posted on Kim Yong-myung’s Instagram, “You look so handsome. That’s a really old photo”, “Isn’t it yesterday?”, “5 seconds ago”, “I feel younger now”, “I’m going crazy”, “Oh, that’s really funny” , “Lovely itself”, etc.

Comedians Jinho Lee and Yongmyeong Kim
Comedians Jinho Lee and Yongmyeong Kim

Kim Yong-myung, who made his debut in 2004 through SBS’s ‘Like You’, is currently active in tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League’.

Recently, he has appeared in various entertainment programs such as MBC’s ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’ and JTBC’s ‘Knowing Bros’ and is gaining great popularity.



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