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Original title: Famous mouths lead to debate: If Jokic wins the championship, his historical status will surpass Durant and he will also be ahead of the King of Nuo

On June 1, Beijing time, the famous Chris Broussard spoke about the subject of Jokic’s historical status. He said bluntly if Jokic wins the championship, his historical status will be ahead of Nowitzki and Durant.

The finals are about to begin, and now the outside world is extremely optimistic about the Nuggets winning the championship. If the Nuggets are to win the first championship in team history, the key lies in Jokic’s performance. The outside world is also hopeful that Jokic will continue to play a dominant performance. At the moment, according to the latest FMVP odds, Jokic is taking the lead and in the first ranks.

Jokic has become a thorn in the Heat’s side. Spoelstra said, “He has no obvious weaknesses in terms of height and technique. He is one of those players who can affect the game in countless ways. “Butler is also very afraid of Jokic, “He has to for us to defend him with five people. He does everything very well. We have to fill the vacancy and rebound. I think in the final analysis, he is the key to the opponent .”

Adebayor, who will take on the heavy responsibility of defending Jokic in the finals, said, “I have to force him to shoot some difficult shots and then accept the results. This is the most important thing for me.”

However, Jokic may be difficult to guard. If he can continue his previous performance, it may only be a matter of time before the Nuggets win the championship, and Jokic is likely to win Finals MVP by then.

Currently, Jokic has won two regular season MVPs in his career, was selected to the NBA All-NBA Team 5 times, and was selected to the All-Star 5 times. If he can lead the Nuggets to the championship , his historical status surpasses Dirk Nowitzki and Durant, and will indeed be recognized by many people. Compared to Nowitzki, Jokic currently has one more regular season MVP honors. In the case of Durant, the gold content of his two championships is still questioned by many people, and Jokic is the real boss of the I team winning the championship, of course, the premise is to win the championship. From this perspective, it seems reasonable that he surpassed Durant.Return to Sohu to see more


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